Doing Work

May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.

That is my hope for you today. It looks like it is another gorgeous day out, even though temperature wise I think it is a little cooler. Anyway, here is the weekend and a look at the upcoming week!


After a little quick cleaning and cuddle time with the little one, Nate's family arrived at our house. The night brought beer, pizza and basketball. Hoosier life ha! Unfortunately the Pacers ended up losing by one


Saturday was Fraternity Day of Service for Pi Phi, and like when I was in school the girls spent the day at Barnes and Noble doing Dr. Seuss-like things. This year B&N was offering 10% of purchases back to the chapter for a donation to First Book. So being the good alumnae that we are, Natalie and I headed to B&N and I bought Leighton a couple of books (Go Dogs, Go & Brown Bear, Brown Bear). Then we walked the mall a little bit and little man fell asleep. 

I could have cleaned everything and taken a prettier picture, but why? I preach realness here so that is what you are getting. My counters aren't always spotless.

When we got back home, Nate had been hard at work painting. By that evening all the lowers were painted and we decided to go and buy the hardware for the doors/drawers. To end the evening outing we stopped and ate Chinese, because we can. I have such a love for the was a struggle to only eat two.


Sunday brought more painting, grocery shopping and computer work. The hardware went on the drawers/doors that were done, and I am loving how it looks!

We ended the night with popcorn (as always) and tried our darnedest to stay up until the end of the Oscars. I failed, not sure if Nate made it or not. That being said, congrats to Leo (even though I didn't see it happen)!

[This Week]

What should you expect this week? Well let me tell you, I am super excited about it. 
- Best in Beauty | Hair (plus some)
- Lucky Picks (St. Patty's Day outfits)
- Product Reviews
- Four the Love of Friday (Do we like the name?)
- Shop Small Highlight

Ambitious? Maybe. 

Here is to a wonderful week! Love you all, thank you for stopping in!

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All the Family

This weekend was a slightly longer one since I ended up taking the afternoon off on Friday. But before we get into all of that, look at our cabinets!

Nate got the first section finished up and they look awesome, I'm obsessed. Now we need to finish the rest of them and pick out handles. Hooray from DIY projects!


We had drove up to Fort Wayne Thursday night because Nate's sister and her daughter flew in. So the entire weekend was spent having lots of family/friend time. Friday morning though I actually worked from the office (I work from home normally) and it was so great to be in that environment. That afternoon/evening I spent time with the family and the two littlest members. 


During the day, it was all family time once again. Nate helped out his parents with a bit of demo (pulling up the floors) in their kitchen while his sister and I hung out with the babes. That evening Nate, Leighton and I headed over to our friends' house for dinner (the most yummy Italian food) and the basketball game. #boilerdown 


We headed off to church first thing in the morning. Then it was lunchtime, packing and more family time. It was so, so nice to be able to just relax and spend time with family all weekend. When we got back to our house that evening, we did a little cleaning before trying to get little mister to sleep. That didn't happen by the way. I think it may have actually been the worst he has slept since he was born - woke up every hour for the first chunk of the night. He and I actually both ended up just shy of having fevers by Monday, but we are all better now.

And that was that. Nothing crazy, just the perfect amount of relaxation and family fun.

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Is it me you're looking for?

Well hello again! I hope you all had a great weekend and first couple of days of this new week. I mean little man slept for 8+ hours two nights in a row this weekend and fell asleep a little early to the amazing voices of those who sang the Lionel Richie tribute during the Grammy's. Come on, Demi Lovato alone gave me chills. 

Anyway, here is our weekend!


I headed to Target after work to pick up some PJs for our first Valentine's weekend as a family of 3. My friend met me there and then came over for dinner when we were done. Our dogs had a play date for a bit and then she headed home and we headed to bed. 

 photo 20160212_213127_zpspmvxvtkf.jpg


Best in Beauty | Skincare

 photo Bestin2015_Beauty_skin_zpsm1cfembx.jpg

Since I spilled the details on all my favorite makeup products earlier, I figured it was best to follow up with my skincare favorites. These are all the things that I use to give my skin a boost after all I put it through. For reference, I have oily/combo, sensitive skin and last year my skin was even more temperamental since I was pregnant and all.

Clarisonic Mia2

Thank you parents for gifting this to me. I use this every other day at least. What they say is true, it gets makeup off that your washcloth/wipe/hands leave behind. Talk about a clean feeling face. And it is easy to use, so much so that Nate even said he would use it if I got him his own brush (and I will). 


Super Days

being an adult is hard 5 Being an adult is hard
And just like that we are back here again. In case you missed it, I posted my top 18 favorite makeup products in 2015 on Saturday. Go check it out here! Also, here is the recap of the weekend for the Blair family.


This was a shopping day, and it was glorious. I had a list of things that I needed for Saturday (I did a trial run for a lovely lady's wedding makeup) so I bundled up the little man, picked up a friend and headed for the mall. Hours later, we headed back to town with our loot. Two pizzas and two orders of bread sticks were the perfect dinner and eventually we called it a night.

Best in Beauty | Makeup

 photo Bestin2015_Beautya_zps27fkw72w.jpg

I try a lot of products. Nate will agree, I have a lot of beauty products at home. But honestly I do a ton of research before I buy. I don't see a point in trying something if other people with oily/combo skin have tried it and it has failed. So really, it could be a lot worse. 

Knowing that reviews and other people's experiences with products helps me out a ton, I figured I would share my favorite products from 2015 that I just can't stop using. Really though, if I am going to be doing my makeup (any amount) I guarantee that I will be using at least 4 of the things below. Anyway, here are my thoughts on this chunk of favorite things!

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer

Hello holy grail foundation brush. I seriously can't put into words how perfect this brush is. It is packed full of bristles so your foundation goes on so smoothly every time. I have used it with thick, thin and in the middle consistency foundations and I haven't had a bad experience with any of them. It is my go to.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

This is a miracle worker for me. I don't have puffiness under my eyes, but I do have dark circles (no matter how much sleep I get). The corrector is a salmon color and has a shimmer to it. The pinkness cancels out the blue tones from my circles and the shimmer reflects light which makes the whole area look brighter. I use this under another concealer to help out the eye situation and I swear by it.

The Next Chapter

 photo NewChapterTitle_zpsrcavlydg.jpg

Goodness, where do I even start. This past month has been a whirlwind. Between getting used to life as a mom and now starting work again, it has been one of the quickest months I have experienced I think.

That being said, I have actually had a lot of time to think about this little place in the blog world and what I want to do with it moving forward. Honestly, this space gives me a kind of escape. Before I started this blog, I would read into people's comments and over-analyze what I had said to the point that it would cause me anxiety. By putting it all out there and opening myself up to receiving comments and thoughts from anyone who happened to stumble upon my blog I have been able to move on and work through that anxiety. 

It has been a few years since Raindrops on Roses began and my life has changed a bit. With those life changes I feel like I have to change my focus here a bit. Really, the main aspects stay the same. I am still a huge lover of getting glammed up, doing DIY/crafting projects at home and cooking. The change? Instead of doing all of those things as a twenty-something newlywed, I am now a twenty-something mom and wife that is trying to balance all of the things that I love with spending ample time with my husband and cherishing every moment of my little one's life. This will be a real-life type of place. I can't always be glammed up, sometimes I am lucky to even wash my face in the morning.

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