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I am Kati, mother of two little boys and one furry red dog. I am the wife of my college sweetheart and millenial woman.  This is The Blair Life. The good, the bad and the crazy.

We are a Central Indiana family, trying to make our dreams a reality. This blog is a place to share our ideas, stories, projects and lessons learned. Raw and unfiltered. Shit happens, we own it.

Nate and I

We met at Franklin College through mutual friends and the rest is history. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and I a member of Pi Beta Phi. We got engaged September 1, 2012 and on November 2, 2013 we tied the knot.
We are living in house #3 (never rented a day in our life) and it is the project house we have been saying we have wanted. 150 years of projects really.

The Boys

Leighton was born on December 13, and is a source of constant laughter and entertainment for our house. You can read all about him here.

Hudson was born on April 27 and is growing like a weed. He took us for a rough ride at first but has been an angel ever since. You can read everything about him here.

Remington is Nate and I's first baby (a golden retriever). We got our puppy in May of 2014 and he has been an incredible member of our family. Leighton LOVES him and they are turning into the best of buds.

This Blog

I started this blog elsewhere (theraindropsonroses.com) as a way to document our life together and all of the crazy things that popped up along the way. It was supposed to also be a way for me to channel my creative energy and have a reason to do all sorts of projects and cooking. However, I never really felt like I hit a groove with it.
Now, we are here. The Blair Life. Ready for it? I am!

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