Hey there!
I am Kati, mother of one fun-loving boy, one furry red dog, and another babe on the way. I am the wife of my college sweetheart and millenial woman.  This is The Blair Life. The good, the bad and the crazy.

We are a Central Indiana family, trying to make our dreams a reality. This blog is a place to share our ideas, stories, projects and lessons learned. Raw and unfiltered. Shit happens, we own it.
My husband and I met at Franklin College through mutual friends and the rest is history. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and I a member of Pi Beta Phi. We got engaged September 1, 2012 and on November 2, 2013 we tied the knot.
Since then we have bought a house, bought a dog, sold a house, bought a house, had a baby, sold a house and bought a house. Between all of that, there have been job changes and plenty of other life events. And now we are prepping for Baby #2!
I started this blog elsewhere (theraindropsonroses.com) as a way to document our life together and all of the crazy things that popped up along the way. It was supposed to also be a way for me to channel my creative energy and have a reason to do all sorts of projects and cooking. However, I never really felt like I hit a groove with it.
Now, we are here. The Blair Life. Ready for it? I am!

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