A Trip to Vermont

Traveling with a toddler is a load of fun, let me just tell ya...

Honestly, he wasn't all that bad this time. Last year's trip to Vermont was not as nice. 12+ hours in a car really isn't fun for anyone though so you can't blame the kid for being grouchy. 

So, Vermont! It is my favorite place ever, and finally Nate was able to make the trip with me. We have been together since October of 2009 and he finally made it in September of 2017. At least he made it once right?

The Drive

We left our house Thursday afternoon and I took the first leg of the trip.

After about 7 hours we switched and I took a little nap. Nate was a saint and drove the most boring part of the trip while I slept. Then about two hours out from Woodstock, I hopped back in the driver's seat. All in all, it took us 15 hours to get there. Not too shabby for two drivers and a 21 month old!

Day 1

When we got to my Opa's, Leighton was wide awake. Thankfully my dad volunteered to watch him while Nate and I got some sleep. Later that day we headed out for our first hike of the week, Mt Peg. This is the mountain that my Opa's house sits on, and it is a hike that we do every time that we visit. 

Day 2

So, if you have read the bio I have on this blog you will know that I was actually born in Vermont. Burlington to be exact. That is where we headed for our second day of adventures!

We hit Market Street after eating lunch by the water. Leighton ended up falling asleep in the stroller on the walk back down to the lake so he missed out on playing at the park while we were there. 

Day 3

What is a trip to New England without a rainy day? On day three we headed to the science museum to get Leighton out of the house and doing something. He LOVED it!

Rainy days are also good for story time and building blocks with Opa, which makes my heart happy. 


Day 4

We had another beautiful day on our day 4 of the trip, so we went for another hike! This time we went up Mt Tom. It is another mountain in Woodstock and is a hike we typically do when we visit. Leighton slept the entire way up, but on the way down he was singing and talking up a storm!

We also took advantage of the great weather and headed out to my Opa's apartments. When I was little he lived here and I have so many memories playing outside. Now I have pictures of my little guy playing in the same spot! Nate also was able to see my Opa's workshop which I am sure made him happy (it is a pretty nice setup!).

Day 5

Our last day was the most relaxed. We thought is was going to rain, but it didn't last long actually. Leighton was able to play at the park for a while and Nate and I were able to get our stuff packed without rushing. 

That afternoon we hopped in the car and headed home, this time my Dad was with us too so we had more help driving. 

I am so, so glad we were able to make this trip. Sharing these moments with my little family is something I hope to keep doing as the years go by. My trips to Vermont as a kids are some of my favorite memories, hopefully they can be some of Leighton's too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Our Fall Update

Hello dear friends! Thanks for stopping in today! Life around the Blair house has been busy all summer long and now that it is starting to feel like fall, life is starting to slow a bit. Not mad at all!

Anyway I wanted to pop in and just give a quick update on our life, and share some of the AMAZING pictures that Paige (PEB Photography) did for us recently.

About Mom Style

As a mom, I feel like there is always a lot of judgement thrown around about all aspects of life. One of the big ones tends to be mom style. The typical thought is plain, conservative and comfortable. All of those things sound great. I mean I have my classic v-neck and jean moments, and my leggings and t-shirt moments. However, I also really like my tanks, bralettes, and heels.

Get the look | Save $ on a pair of DIFFs

Dressing in cute trendy outfits isn't out of the realm of possibilities as a mom. Granted most of the time things have to be adapted for practicality (a slinky top with nothing underneath doesn't work when you are chasing a toddler), but it is possible to still look cute and be a great mom.

Talking (Gut) Health

Summer has been a whirlwind. Between weddings, vacations, parties for all kinds of things and projects around the house, my personal health has taken a backseat a bit. I've been eating decently well, and working out here and there. However my vitamin and supplement game has been lacking. I've felt a little bloated and just off really.

Truly I've felt off ever since having Leighton. Mom gave me the suggestion of taking probiotics right then and there. Did I listen? For a week, then I stopped. Well, I'm jumping back on the probiotic train.


The Blair's Do Lake Life

Last week on Monday we were on the lake, enjoying some sun and our vacation. It was a much needed break and some great time spent with family.

My bikini top | Leighton's Swim Trunks
Leighton wasn't the biggest water lover, but he did get some good sleeps in (everywhere except in his bed).

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