Baby #2: 22 Weeks

I cannot shake this cold. It is much, much better, but it is still holding on to make me miserable. Other than that and my back pain that has been hanging around, I am doing pretty good.

Leighton is starting to say baby now when we ask what is in my stomach instead of just pulling up his shirt and saying belly. We know he won't really comprehend what is happening until it happens, but it is still fun to try and talk to him about it. We'll ask him what his baby brother's name is or if he is going to be a big brother. Sometimes he responds, most times he ignores and keeps going with his life. I mean he is only 2.

Looking Back at 2017

As I sit here reflecting on everything that has happened over the last year, I can't help but be extremely thankful for everyone we have in our life, the adventures and opportunities we have had and everything that is coming our way. 2017 was filled with weddings, trips and lots of fun, but I know 2018 is going to be great too!

My Best Nine on Instagram for 2017

Here is the highlight real from the last 12 months.

Baby #2: 21 Week Update

Well, if you don't follow along on social media then you haven't heard the news. The wives' tales and ancient calendar predictions were all wrong. We are having another BOY!

For years, I have said that I wanted to be a boy mom and well it looks like that is the life God had planned for me. Baby #2, also known as Hudson, is joining this Blair Family.

We try and talk about the baby with Leighton so he has a chance at understanding what is going on. Every now and then he will lay his head down on my growing belly now and we are starting to have him tell Baby Hudson "goodnight" and "I love you" before he goes to bed now too. 

A Holiday Tradition (or Four)

Growing up we had holiday traditions that I looked forward to each year. 

When I was super little, we made sugar cookies with my cousins at our Nana's house. 

My Oma ALWAYS bought us an ornament and an advent calendar. When my Oma was no longer with us, my mom took on the task.

We went and drove around to look at the lights each year too. That was more of an unofficial tradition, but it is still something I remember vividly.

Christmas at Home

I love decorating for Christmas. With us moving multiple times in the past few years, my ornaments are kind of a mix of different things that have been reworked based on our space. It has all seemed to come together pretty nicely though. 

I figured with the big day quickly approaching I would share what we DO have up and list a few things I am planning on ramping up/adding next year!

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