Little American

In the spirit of the Olympics, I decided to do a mini photoshoot with Leighton. What is cuter than a toddler in a crew neck? NOTHING! Plus a little patriotic spirit never hurt anyone. 

Leighton's Outfit

Valentine's Gifts for Him

Baby #2: Week 26

Y'all, these boobs. I mean they are still relatively small compared to most people who are NOT pregnant, but for me they are much bigger. I am at that point where the idea of a bra with an underwire sounds like sheer torture. Luckily I am still on the smaller side of the breast size scale so I can get away with sports bras and bralettes on the regular.

Convenience with Beeline Bikes

Hi there friends! Today I want to talk about convenience. To be honest, I am all about services that make life a little easier. When you are organizing the lives of three (soon to be four) humans and a dog, anything to shave some time off the to-do list is a good thing for me. This could be anything like crockpot meals or Kroger Click-List.

Spring is coming and that means there are even more things joining our already packed list of things to get done before the baby arrives. One of them was getting our bike fixed up. It was in rough condition, let me tell ya. My mom gave it to us when she got a new one and we really haven't gotten it tuned up since. So, when Beeline Bikes reached out to me and offered a free tune-up on my bike I was giddy!

Beeline Bikes provided my bicycle tune-up free of charge, but this post is not sponsored and all thoughts on the experience is 100% my honest opinion.

Valentine's Gift Guide for Her

Lately we don't do Valentine's Day on February 14. Mostly because we have a kid and it is easier to get someone to watch him on a day that isn't Valentine's Day, but also because it is so much easier and less crowded to just have a special date on a different night. 

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