Baby #2: Week 38

Oh what a week it was. I feel like this whole pregnancy I have been focused on this week.

We had the wedding in Fort Wayne this past weekend and now that it has come and gone (and I am still pregnant) I feel like everything is hitting me like a brick wall. I was so determined to avoid going into labor before this wedding, praying that we would make it through the weekend, that I didn't really allow myself to focus on other things. 

Now the wedding is over (it was great and beautiful and so much fun by the way), Hudson's room is done, the bags are packed and we just have to wait now. 

I think the craziest part of all of this has been knowing without a doubt that he will be here by a certain day and time. Obviously, the time may change a bit depending on how many people come in that night before and that morning on their own, but by Friday afternoon I will be snuggling my newest little boy. Oh, I really can't wait!

Dear Leighton

Leighton Wayne, 

I have been struggling with the words to truly express how I am feeling right now. There is such a muddy mess of excitement and almost guilt for the changes that are about to come your way. 

You are my first baby boy. You made me a mom. You taught me what true patience is (a virtue I am still working on daily). You have shown me a love I didn't know existed. You have my heart. And the same can be said for your dad.

Now another little boy is going to come into our life. A little tiny human who is going to need a lot of attention that you may not completely understand. I know that you will be the BEST big brother in the world. That you will help mommy and daddy rock him and talk to him when he cries. You will be such a help. 

Baby #2: Week 37

The nursery is ready (reveal post is here). The bags are "packed" - A.K.A things are set out or folded in piles but there are a few missing items still. I am finishing that tonight though so we have it ready this weekend, just in case.

My only remaining project is to make the boys' brother shirts, and I plan on finishing that tonight as well. I got it all designed yesterday but it was too late to start the cutting/ironing process.

Somewhere I read that having presents for the kids to "exchange" when they meet is helpful. That being said we did get a present for Hudson from Leighton and are planning on getting something for Leigh this week. Any other tips on introducing #1 to #2 at the hospital?

Hudson's Nursery Reveal: A Celestial Space

I promised you a room reveal, and that is what is happening today! This room was a labor of love and patience. It was also a lesson in repurposing. If you have been around here for any length of time, you probably saw Leighton's nursery. It was Peter Pan/Neverland themed, and Nate and I did a lot of crafting, refinishing and building to make it perfect.

You will notice that some of the items from Leighton's nursery have been reused here for Hudson. It worked out that the two rooms ended up with similar colors in their color palette. The base of the rooms are different though. Leighton's was centered around a book. Hudson's is centered around this quilt.

Baby #2: Weeks 34, 35, 36

The nursery is ALMOST complete! I seriously am just missing a couple of things here and there (a.k.a. a rug and maybe a basket). It is becoming so, so real. We officially have a date, which is just crazy to think about.

At my 36 week appointment, they did my Group B Strep test so they checked me while I was there. Normally they won't be checking me at my appointments since I have a scheduled c-section (really I'm not complaining about that, one less time I have to get dressed/undressed in the day). I was 1cm and 30% though. My Braxton Hicks are turning into more of the real thing, just super sporadic and far apart. Nothing to really stop and think about though.

This weekend I will be packing our bags so we are ready just in case, but really I need him to stay  in until AT LEAST the 22nd. That is because before this baby comes, we have a wedding to go to. So obviously I need a dress! I have been looking at them for weeks now and am struggling to make up my mind. This is what I am choosing between:

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