Lace, a barn and bathroom trailers.

This past weekend was a little calmer, with only one major outing planned - a wedding. The weather couldn't have been better and everything was gorgeous.

Festivities began at 1:30 p.m. and after I made sure my puppy was set up at a friends house we were off. The bridal party looked gorgeous and after the wedding we headed back to a friends' house to wait until the reception began.

If anyone is looking for a place in Fort Wayne to have a pretty barn wedding you need to check this place out - Marion Hills Farms. It is an amazing property and although I think they were still working out some kinks (this is their first year as a venue) it was a well done wedding. Check out the pictures of the place below.

A gorgeous wedding needs an amazing photographer and this one had Dustin McKibben and his wife - McKibben Photography. Again, if you need a photographer check them out. I have only seen great things from weddings they shot. I am super looking forward to seeing the pictures from this wedding because there is a picture of Nate and I somewhere in there that they took as we were standing on the patio part of the barn taking a picture. They stopped us, reposed us and shot some quick pictures. This will be our first professionally taken, posed picture since our wedding!

The rest of the night progressed as normal weddings do and we ate, drank and danced. And as a side-note, I just want to thank the person who decided to make bathroom trailers. Being able to have a nice, clean, flushable toilet at an outdoor event is such a positive addition. Really adds something that a Port-o-Potty would just kill. 

Anyway, it was an amazing time and we all enjoyed the time together with friends celebrating the new chapter in our friends' life together. If you want to see the night in pictures keep looking below. Otherwise, I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

To come later this week:
  • A new recipe we are loving
  • Outfits to recreate this fall

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  1. Wow! Okay a couple things..... First, you are gorgeous! Secondly, you and you husband are adorable together (picture perfect). Thirdly, this wedding location is absolutely stunning. Lastly, I love the shoes you wore. Ha ha. :)

    1. Ah! Thank you McKenna, you are too sweet. You have no clue how much it means to me to know that someone took the time to read/look at this post!

  2. Aw what an adorable wedding! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    And thanks for linking up with MMG :)

  3. What a beautiful wedding! And your selfies are all adorable! Love your dress!
    Thanks for sharing with Manic Monday!!
    Carylee |


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