Time for a change

So, this weekend was another calm one. Nate was gone again for work (Kentucky this time) and Remi and I had the house to ourselves. Friday night was a girls night with movies and candy and Saturday was all about enjoying the fall weather. Sunday was a relaxing day that I had planned on getting a lot done during originally but then I got sucked into Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Total Divas and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Judge all you want, I love watching other people's crazy lives. It makes me appreciate the simplicity of my life and the honesty of my friends and family. 

Remi taking a breather on our afternoon walk - such a rough life

First fire of the season

Sunday wasn't a complete waste though. I did manage to get my second application of my new tanning mousse on that I tried for the first time last weekend. So next week I will be doing a review on that! As I was applying the tanner though, I did notice something that I wasn't too keen on - in regard to my body. That being said, I am making a change for the better. I have told my self this several times, and I have told others this several times (both in person and via social media/blog). But since I about had a meltdown when I saw myself in the mirror it is time for a reality check.

To keep myself on track I am going to be posting my weeks workout and meal plans every Wednesday and do a check in every couple of weeks. So be on the lookout for that. Maybe I will be able to find someone to make this lifestyle change with me and we can keep each other on track.

How do you keep yourself motivated?


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