If I could write a letter to me

Dear Future KatiAnne,

Oh hey there! Man oh man do you look good. Glad to know my time intensive skin care regimen has paid off. And good for you for not tanning still, such a smart lady.

As I am writing this, I am sitting in the living room of our first home with a dog that is begging for attention and Nate is traveling with work. E News is the only noise I hear (duh, it is 7 p.m.). I hope when you read this you are sitting in your living room with your children along with your dog and Nate has a normal job. I hope you still talk to mom every day and the other members of the family too. Better yet, I hope you are just as happy if not more than you were when I wrote this letter. 

I can't help but wonder if you are still living in Indiana? Still at the same job? Is Nate? Do we have kids? What in the world has happened over the last ten years?

I don't have any advice really to give to you, but I want you to remember a few things:
1. Always talk and keep in touch. You never know when you are going to lose someone you are close to.
2. Stay humble. I don't know if this blogging thing will become anything more than a good way to clear your head or if you will become super successful in your day job, but don't change. 
3. Keep God in the top of your priorities list. A good relationship with him shapes everything else.
4. Never lose sight of what is important in life. Sure your job is important and you need to have a passion for it, but your family and friends are important too. What good is a successful life if you cut everyone out and have no one to share it with.
5. Remember what makes you happy, it is the best driving force.
6. Make sure Nate knows you love him, every single day. He is your best friend and your biggest supporter in life. Appreciate him.

When in doubt look back on your happy times and remember how you got where you are now.

Much love, 

Here are some words to keep you moving toward your next 10 years.

Dedication! Love it.
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What would you say to yourself in ten years?

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