To the younger me

Oh, if I could write a letter to me at 15. There are so many things that I would love to tell myself. High school was rough for me, and a pretty dark time when I look back on it. I had terrible self esteem and no respect at all (for myself or my parents). My siblings did not like me and it was basically a miserable time for all. I was lacking in my faith and looked elsewhere to fill voids. I was hurt by the boys I chose to "love" and my best girl friends weren't always much better. 

All of high school wasn't terrible, and I did have some good friends that are still my friends today. I would love to give my younger self some advice though to make things just a little easier. Granted everything happens for a reason and the road that I traveled is what brought me to Franklin College and helped me find the love of my life. The bumps along the way made me wiser and is why I am who I am, but I could have survived without some of the drama.

Advice to the younger me:

Girl settle down.
You are white and drive a VW, stop it with the bad rap and heavy bass.
Be a better role model.
Your mom will be your best friend, be nicer. Actually, so will your sister so be nicer to her too.
Lose the 'tude.
You will find happiness.
The world isn't a terrible place.
All guys aren't d-bags, they don't all cheat on you.
The good friends are still your friends.
Buy some bigger clothes.
Don't quit softball.
Don't you dare do a lot of things.
Never cut your hair shorter than your collar bone, you look 12.
Lipstick is your friend, so is a good concealer.
Don't doubt that God is with you, it all gets better I promise.

Basically, stop being a drama queen and trust that everything will work out. Keep your family close and make sure to tell Oma you love her. Life gets better, high school is tough for everyone. You will find the man of your dreams that treats you like a princess. You will find new friends, and keep some of your old ones (the good ones). You will grow up and so will the people around you. Your family will forgive you for being the queen b*tch and life will move on very happily.

Keep your chin up pretty lady, and remember God made you for a reason and has a plan. He always has a plan.

You in 8 years

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