What you know 'bout me

What you know 'bout me
What you
What you know 'bout me

I'll stop there, but I felt it was appropriate for this post. I mean here I am, sharing my life with all of you everyday but there is so much you probably don't know about me. That being said, here are a bunch of random facts about yours truly. Enjoy!

I really want a white tattoo, but will never get one.

My favorite movie of all time is Sound of Music.

I was a four sport athlete in high school.

My high school had 100 kids in it.

I used to sing the National Anthem before every home basketball game.

I love a cappella music.

I have never gone to an Amish party (my sister still doesn't believe me on this).

I have a really big obsession with shoes.

I never wore lipstick in high school.

I didn't fill my eyebrows until this year, like ever.

I was in a modeling/acting school when I was in middle school and that led to a competition in LA where I placed 2nd.

I got my first pair of stilettos in 7th grade.

My mom made me walk around my house and prove that I could walk correctly in my heels before I could wear them in public.

I like wine, a lot.

I really want to run a half marathon, sometime in my life. 

I have never, not paid off my credit card.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos.

My nickname is Katibug Ladybug and has been since our neighbor called me that when I was little. but my mom also calls me Tilly.

That is all for now, I have to keep you guessing about some things in my life right?

And because I started with this song, it only felt right to end with it!

Hope your day is poppin!

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