I'm not ready for this

Um, hello winter. It is so nice of you to come in and take away time from fall. Just who exactly do you think you are!?

Yup, winter has hit full force in north east Indiana and it doesn't look like it is backing off any time soon. Last weekend it was perfect fall weather, but as soon as I decide to go to a football game all bets are off and it snows and drops to 30 degrees. So much fun. I did get to cross off more things from my fall bucket list though (I am sticking to it being okay to continue until Thanksgiving, no matter what the weather decides). Check out the updated one here!

Anyway, back to the weekend. Friday was dinner with family and then home to watch movies with my puppy. I did get some house stuff done but not near as much as I hoped. 

Saturday morning was that time that I went blonde. Almost completely blonde, I am really liking it. Then I did a lot of scrambling around to get ready to leave for the Notre Dame game that afternoon. by noon we were South Bend bound and bundled up so much that I couldn't feel my toes.
Walking into the stadium

I have only been to my college/high school games and one Colts game in Tennessee so this was my first Big 10 football experience. Other than the cold it was good. It should have been a blowout, but wasn't and ND ended up loosing, but it was still fun. 

Taking a picture with Touchdown Jesus

Our view of the field

The marching band impressed me like most do, I am just not coordinated enough for that nonsense so I am impressed by anyone who is able to move around like that while playing an instrument.

All bundled up waiting for the game to start

What was left of the 12 inches of snow they cleared from the stadium

 After the game we headed home and I spent the night hanging out with my dog again (man am I fun or what). Then Sunday I ended up driving down to Indianapolis to pick up Nate from the airport. We headed into downtown Indy to meet up with some friends for dinner before braving the elements to drive home. By the time we made it back to our house (3 hours later) there was probably a good two inches of snow in our backyard and it was time to introduce the puppy to it.

Remi wasn't exactly sure about it at first so I decided to clear off our back patio for him. As soon as I started shoveling the snow and throwing it out into our yard he started chasing it and having the time of his life. Thank goodness our dog likes snow, that is kind of necessary for a hunting dog. I was a bad puppy mom though and didn't record it, oh well. The rest of the night was spent clipping coupons, watching the Colts (lose unfortunately) and talking with Nate.

That was my weekend. Make sure to enter the candle giveaway here, you have through the end of the day on Thursday, November 20 to enter.

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