Christmas Rock

Oh, goodmorning everyone! I hope you all had as fun of a weekend as I did. Mine was a hodgepodge of Christmas, rock and family. A perfect combination for sure, and to top it all off a lazy Sunday evening.

So let's get started shall we?

Friday night Nate and I headed to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Super fun!

Here is just a peek at what the whole show is like.

I only took a couple of pictures during the whole thing because I like to just enjoy the show. And honestly, I get annoyed by everyone trying to snap pictures and record video during a event like this. Just relax people!

I started Saturday up in glam mode, getting ready for a photoshoot for the Komettes team I am on. This is obviously not a finished product and it isn't the whole team, but this is a little sneak peak!

 photo IMG950531_zpszu8hxfm0.jpg

I stand out a little bit with my light hair! It was fun, but cold. The photographer also then had me mess up everyone's makeup which was not fun. I could tell everyone worked pretty hard on looking perfect that day and it was not a good feeling to just mess that up. Especially since I was planning on going shopping later. Oh well. 

The rest of my day was spent hanging out with my mom at the mall and then going to dinner with her and my in-laws. We went out for a $5.99 steak dinner, you just can't beat that. Sure it isn't the best steak ever, but it does the trick!

By Sunday, I was exhausted but I headed off to church, and then I headed north with my mom to help get some of my brother's stuff from his dorm. (He is transferring to IU. Go Hoosiers!) After that, we did a bit more shopping then I went into blog/design mode. Planning ahead for the week and designing my beautiful friend's Save the Date card for her wedding!

Such a fun weekend! Then everything was ruined by a Revenge that night because SPOILER ALERT someone died and ruined all hope for my couple reuniting theory. So mad/sad! 

And that was my weekend. I have some fun tutorials and reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks, including some stuff with One Direction tie ins. Stay tuned!

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