Friday's Favorites | December 12

Wow, it has been a hot minute since I did a Friday's Favorites post. I am definitely overdue for one. Let's jump right in shall we?

That's not my name - My Name is Jeff Video

One of my co-workers showed me this video and we probably watched it 4 times in a row that night. I was laughing so hard then, and it is still funny to me.

Indiana things

I always get suckered into these kind of lists, but this one was just so spot on (especially 13 and 21)


As stated in the 27 words list, ski is also on my favorites list this week. I have always liked it, but I was in Evansville for a work trip and got to have one again. It had been too long! Oh, the Grippos were amazing too, again it had been too long.

My blog on Stumble Upon

Yup, you read that right. My blog made Stumble Upon's holiday list - check it out! I was in complete shock when I got the email. These things make me so happy and really make it seem like people care ya know?

Being Home

I have been out of town a lot for work this month so coming home to my husband and puppy just feels so great after a long week away. I only have one more trip this year and then I am all holiday focused. However, me being gone means I have a lot of catching up and planning ahead for the blog when I get home so I am on my computer quite a bit... Mr. Remington was not exactly a fan of that last night.

And that is that! Make sure to check out all the holiday fun on the blog by visiting the Countdown to Christmas page too. There are only 13 days left!

Happy weekend everyone!

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