Let Christmas Week Begin!

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Eeek! I am so excited everyone! It is finally Christmas week, and not only is it happy because of the holiday but I also get to see some faces I really am missing. 

But, thinking back to this weekend....

Friday, was my company Christmas party and that was a blast and a half. I ended up winning $20 in Family Feud too so that was cool also. After we left from there, we headed to Nate's Aunt and Uncle's house and played Cards Against Humanity with all the cousins and his family. That game is probably my new favorite, I'm not going to lie.

Saturday, I had lunch with the girls in the family and then did some housework before getting ready for the hockey game. The game was probably my favorite yet because there was a little kid that was just cuter than cute.

He walked up to me as we were handing out pass-outs before the game and asked "What are you doing later?" and then ran back to his dad. As they walked away he stopped by again and said "I'll see you later!" Melted my heart. We went up and took a picture with him later and gave him a bobble head and he was on Cloud 9.

Sunday was family time. Lots of unhealthy snacks and some healthy yelling at the Colts to get it in gear...they didn't listen. It was great to start the week off with family.

I can't wait for Christmas, so excited!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Week!

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