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We made it again everyone! Friday is here. Not going to lie, I may have caved and bought a doughnut this morning. Couldn't help it, I had been wanting one since Tuesday! And I am even thinking about making it a weekly thing, probably not, but the thought crossed my mind.

So this weekend I am having a spa day with my best friend from high school. I haven't seen her face in a while so it will be a good "reunion." Not sure what else we will do, I have crafts and other house things piling up though so  I may need to get some work done.

Anyway, let's move on to my favorites shall we?

This tweet

Seriously, I saw this and freaked. I have been following ABD for a while now and this really made my day. If you haven't checked out their site yet, or my post that led to this tweet you should now (or at least after you read this post).

This Facebook Post

Speaking of social media love, my hair salon and amazing friend posted this today. I almost started crying when I saw it. Happy tears of course. I love how supportive people can be and I love sharing the love, so if you are in the North East Indiana area and need a good salon go to Pin-Up Curls.

This Buzz Feed Article

Seriously the struggle is real. Fine hair sucks. I don't have every single one of these problems, but the majority of them are my life.

These responses to #DeflateGate

I mean come on, you can't say these aren't funny. As a Colts fan (and Pats non-fan) I find these really, really funny

This picture

I especially think this is funny because I could probably do this once a month with the shipments we get from


This List by The Sparkly Life

The world's most flattering sweater, a pretty pitcher, the coolest sneakers - here are 11 gorgeous things that Alyssa from @TheSparklyLife is coveting right now. (Beware: You're going to want them, too!) 

This facewash

I started using it two nights ago and have seen a crazy improvement since. Probably won't be something I use every day, but when my face freaks out like a teenagers it will definitely be my go to.

These Valentine's Day Cards

Friend Birthday Card - Crazy Cat Lady Card Funny Valentines day card, scrooge greetings card, valentines, gift, card, love, i love you card, anti-valentines day, i love you funny card Friend Valentine - Best Friend Card - Friend Birthday Card - Funny Friend Card - You could be my sister wife. Valentines Day Card - Galentines Day - Funny Friendship Card - Ovaries Before Brovaries - Bestie - Love Card - Girls Greeting Card Funny Valentine's Day Card Valentine's Day Card - I'm keeping you

Check out the rest of my Valentine loves by following my [be mine] collection on

Make sure to stop in tomorrow and check out the guest blogger. She is a real treat!

Have a great weekend everyone, do something fun!

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