It is Monday

If you haven't been able to tell, I have recently gotten back into the habit of looking at The Berry in the mornings (more of my favorite pictures from this morning below). And today I found the picture that describes my morning. The struggle is real guys. 

This weekend was pretty calm. Friday night we surprised Nate's cousin (with the rest of the family) at a bar for his going away party. He was completely taken off guard. So confused. The night was then filled with fried pickles, mozz sticks and alcohol. Eventually beer pong happened (yes, in a bar - we classy) and Nate and his mom were kicking butt and taking names. Proud moment for sure. We left that party early because my best friend from high school was coming to visit, and I wanted to be home when she got there (obviously). 

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to the spa. It was my first time ever, strange to think I am 24 and hadn't gotten a real facial or massage ever in my life. Three hours later we left feeling like new women. If you are in the North East Indiana area and want a good facial or massage, head to Tranquil Touch Spa. I have nothing to compare it to, but it was so relaxing!

While I was at the spa, I had a guest blogger here. Did you miss it? If you did check it out - Discover: Crumpets 'n' Cream.

Sunday was a day for relaxing and cleaning, like normal. My kitchen floor got some serious lovin'. The whole room just is so clean and I love it. 

I also got out to Marshall's to get a new shower curtain. Finally, I found an all white one. It took me a while but patience led to the perfect one. Our bathroom feels so much brighter now.

The snow and wind started picking up and I called it a day. Laundry and puppy cuddles filled the rest of my night. 

Monday hit like a brick wall. Anyone else feel that way?

As promised, here are the other pictures that brightened my morning while looking through The Berry.




Have a great Monday!

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