Friday's Favorites | February 20

My Clarisonic

It has been a major, major game changer. I have been using it for a solid week now and love it even more than I thought I would. Read all about my skincare routine here. I have seen a major improvement in my acne lately. 

These workouts

I grabbed these two workouts off the Tone It Up website this week and holy cow was I sore! They were simple to do and I really felt the burn. Love it!

Seeing our house listed on

It is an odd feeling let me tell ya. We have kept our house spotless though which is also crazy to think about.

These Posts

Turn It Up Tuesday by Epic Mommy Adventures
A great collection of projects and ideas, as well as a giveaway.
Seriously, this girl can write with purpose. I love this post.
Nothing beats discounts especially on really cute items.
Ditch the Reading Log by Whmsicle
I am a big advocate of reading.

These Berry Pictures

That is it! This weekend I get to brave the winter weather to go look at houses. It is super exciting and nerve racking. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad and my mom and grandpa can join me!

Have a great weekend!

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