Currently | March

I have seen this link-up for the past two months and I am finally joining it, a day or so late.

Currently, I'm...

Dreaming | of being somewhere warm, where palm trees exist. Seriously, even 50 degrees would be good for me. 

Planning | my plan of attack for packing up our house. I am going to start blogging about the whole process and asking your suggestions so feel free to share your tips and tricks! We would be glad to have them.

Making | my friends' wedding invitations and loving it! With their blessings I will share, but I am loving them so far.

Baking | peanut butter cookies (as seen on my Instagram here). They were a bit crunchy but I am a lover of anything peanut butter so they worked!

Watching | House of Cards. I finally caught up to the current season so now I am sucked in like the rest of the obsessed Netflix watchers. Anyone else loving it like I am?

Feeling | a weight off my shoulders as we move forward in the buying/selling process. We are looking at our top houses this weekend and hopefully by Monday we have made some huge progress.

Appreciating | my family and their willingness to help us out throughout this buying/selling process. My mom and grandpa braved a lot of snow and ice to look at houses with me, and Nate's family has been amazing at helping us take care of Remi while we had people viewing our houses. We couldn't have made it this far without them. 

Needing | a new leather jacket for spring (mine has a hole or two in it) and holy jeans as mentioned here

And that is a snapshot of life currently. What are you up to?

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See what’s currently happening in some other bloggers lives by visiting with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup! And thank you to Brittany for adding in Feeling, Appreciating and Needing to hers, they fit perfectly for me now so I did those too!

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