Monday again

It's Monday. Grab some coffee & be awesome!! ❤️

I am trying to be positive, but Monday came way too soon this week. Cute little puppies always brighten my day, which is even more necessary when it is as gloomy as it is outside. Anyway, on to the weekend wrap up.


I had the great treat of seeing my cousins for a little bit Friday evening after they went dress shopping. It is nice to be so much closer to them now. The rest of the evening was filled with relaxing and organizing, and some pretty good mac and cheese. 


My morning started bright and early to get to my beautiful friend's bridal shower. It was the cutest thing at a little tea house nearby. Brunch, pretty things, and time with friends. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

After the shower Nate and I finished putting everything away in our house and did some quick cleaning. We still have boxes in the closets but rooms are all tidy looking. It is some major progress. Now we just have to figure out what to do with our front, formal living area. 

Later that evening my friend and her fiance came over to grill out for dinner. Goodness it smelled so good. I love that it is nice enough out to throw something on the grill now, I think we did three times last week.


Sunday we headed to my grandma and grandpa's for me and my cousin's birthday lunch. It is always a unique time when our whole family gets together. Not a boring minute. It is great that we are so much closer to them now and can just drive down for the day if we need too.

Later that night we watched the ACM's and it was so good. Reba first of all killed it and doesn't look anywhere near 60. Please let me look that good at 60! Miranda also killed it and the rest of the performances were just as amazing. I love the ACM awards. It is just great to see something last for 50 years when it seems like a new award show is created every year at least.

Anyway, that was the weekend. What did you do?

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