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My God, doesn't that look heavenly? Probably one of the best things for my wallet that has occurred since I have started working from home is the drastic drop in Starbucks visits. I am drooling right now looking at that though. If only they delivered.


After work we packed up the car and started our drive north for the weekend. Unfortunately, the drive took about an hour longer than normal because of a wreck, but we made it eventually. The rest of the night was pretty laid back, just chatting with friends while our doggies played.


First of all, my dog set a new record for letting us sleep in. 8:30 is a huge accomplishment and I was super excited about it. After some breakfast and general waking up/adjusting time, Nate and I headed out to take care of some errands while we were in town. Then after lunch glam time started and we got ready to go to the Derby party that night. And by that I mean I started getting ready at 2 p.m. while Nate joined the boys at an off-track betting place and made it home in time to shower and pester me while I finished pampering myself.

We made it to the party and hung out until other people got there. The rest of the night was filled with food, friends, horses, games and eventually a very disappointing fight between Mani and Floyd. It was fun though! Nate and his friend ended up winning the derby too so now we have another trophy.

Here is the photo recap:

 photo 20150502_165506_zpstrqvedqc.jpg
Selfie without a hat because I forgot to pack mine...

 photo 20150502_170331_zpssovnyjeu.jpg

 photo 20150502_182218_zpstruqbqdh.jpg
The boys

 photo 20150502_182347_zpsk5qrbbdg.jpg
The girls (me the only hatless one)

 photo FB_IMG_1430614213968_zpszdycemlb.jpg

 photo 20150502_224226_zpsavfpbfff.jpg
Derby winners (both for the second time)


Morning came quickly and we ended up just packing up first thing to head back home. Then we relaxed and watched movies the rest of the day, even though there was plenty we should have been doing instead.

All in all a great weekend. How was your weekend? Did you Derby?

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