Bumpdate | 19 Weeks

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[How far along]

19 Weeks. 

[Size of the baby]

Mango (8.5 oz, 6.0 in)

[Weight Gain]

According to my "I'm Expecting"app, I have gained 5.8 lbs. I am actually starting to notice now. All of my pants/shorts are getting a bit snug and the belly band is being used a lot more.


Abdomen Aches and Pains | Yes, yes I do have these.
Dizziness//lightheadedness | Um, yup. I have been dealing with this since about week 2 if I am remembering correctly. It is what tipped my  mom off.
Leg Cramps | Still more like toe and foot cramps
Hip Pain | Not any more than I normally have, my hips are not exactly normal.


Honestly, this past week was better. I am figuring out the most comfortable way to sleep now and I am so tired that I fall asleep pretty fast.


Still coming soon! Ultrasound is coming up so we shall see. 

[Maternity Clothes]

As mentioned earlier, all my stuff is getting a bit tighter. Still not enough to bump to maternity wear but looser shirts and belly bands for sure!


Well this week it moved from Fruit loops to waffles. Waffles with butter and syrup (the real stuff). And still fruit. Lots of fruit. 


Anxious, I just can't wait to hear our little one's heart again.


Since we didn't see anything actually baby-like at our first ultrasound, this next one is even more exciting to us. Last time he/she looked like a fuzzy little blob (at 6 weeks) so anything would be more baby-like for us! The gender reveal party planning is going strong and I am so excited to share the surprise with our family and friends.

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