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Last week on Monday we were on the lake, enjoying some sun and our vacation. It was a much needed break and some great time spent with family.

My bikini top | Leighton's Swim Trunks
Leighton wasn't the biggest water lover, but he did get some good sleeps in (everywhere except in his bed).

We ate some yummy food, had some refreshing drinks, played some games and fished a bit. Well I didn't, because I didn't get my license, but the rest of the family did. I instead kicked back on the boat in my Chacos and ended up getting burnt.

Like I said, Leighton got some good sleeps in on the boat.

Leighton's Rashguard | Leighton's Swim Trunks

He also really LOVED the sand, and sleeping anywhere but in his bed. However, we did bring a toy along that he really, really enjoyed. These blocks by Magicube that we got from Toodleydoo Toys!

Photo: Magicube

They are potentially one of the coolest things I've seen. The blocks are made in Switzerland and have super cute designs printed on them (yes printed, not stickers). There are 6 different animals that you can build with them so it is like a little puzzle. Inside each block is a little magnet so he was able to connect them and hold them up in different arrangements.

Like I said, he enjoyed them a lot. Thank you so much to Toodleydoo for letting us take them on a test run. We can't wait for them to get into the toy store so we can get a set for him to enjoy at home now too!

Why should you want these blocks?
  1. They are adorable and fun
  2. They work your little's mind
  3. The magnets make them the perfect travel toy
  4. No parts that can peel off or be eaten
Overall I would say Leighton would give these a 5 out of 5 rating if he could.

That is all for us! Vacation was great, these blocks are a must have and we are back to real life again. Hope you enjoyed our little weekend recap and a review of a new toy!

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