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As a mom, I feel like there is always a lot of judgement thrown around about all aspects of life. One of the big ones tends to be mom style. The typical thought is plain, conservative and comfortable. All of those things sound great. I mean I have my classic v-neck and jean moments, and my leggings and t-shirt moments. However, I also really like my tanks, bralettes, and heels.

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Dressing in cute trendy outfits isn't out of the realm of possibilities as a mom. Granted most of the time things have to be adapted for practicality (a slinky top with nothing underneath doesn't work when you are chasing a toddler), but it is possible to still look cute and be a great mom.

This is not to say I don't question myself. There have been plenty of times where I have looked at Nate and said, I don't think I can wear this anymore. His reply is always, "Why? You are still young, you can wear whatever you want."

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Easy to say, hard to deal with sometimes. Sometimes I can't even walk into the grocery store without feeling judged. Yup, there is a baby on my hip. Yes, I am wearing high-waisted shorts and a cutoff with a lace bralette underneath and Converse. Problem? Nope. What I wear doesn't affect my parenting. I know it. My kid knows it. And THAT gives me confidence. 

Before we went out on our most recent date night, I looked at Nate and asked if my outfit was too much, or too see through. His response, "It doesn't bother me. So as long as you are comfortable in it, it looks great." So you know what? I rocked it. Give me all the Carrie Bradshaw moments. 

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Moral of the story? There are no rules for mom style. 

Thanks for stopping in! Are you a mom? I would love to know what your go to mom look! Tell me in the comments.


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