Baby #2: Weeks 6-17

I need to do a little catch up on the weekly updates. Here are weeks 6-17 for ya!

Week 6

Nothing crazy yet. Vertigo is real, just like last time. Acne is also back, but not quite to the extent is was with Leighton. 

I do feel like I am getting more nauseous this time. With Leighton I was more just not in the mood to eat anything, now if I get hungry I feel so, so sick. Some foods are messing with me too which is annoying (I really like spicy pickles, but not sure if they are going to be enjoyable for a while). I am also not having the mad desire for Fruit Loops and donuts like I did. Not necessarily a bad thing since there is ZERO nutritional value in either of those. Ha!

Thoughts: So far we have brainstormed names and I have thought out room ideas. More-so I have been concerned with Leighton's move to a new room and making it special for him. First appointment is coming up so things will get more real then!

Week 7

Oh the lies! It is like the universe knows I am pregnant and is sending everyone to ask me when Leighton is getting a playmate. Sorry everyone for the bold face lies I am and will be telling you for the next two months...

With Leighton, I wasn't ever really nauseous. I had ZERO appetite, and certain foods made me want to vomit (oranges). But overall, it was a really easy first trimester. Now I am not complaining, because I know people who are going through much worse right now, but I literally wanted to throw up from drinking water this morning. I also don't remember when my pregnancy acne got bad last time, but so far (knock on wood) it has not been as terrible. For now, I will take that win!

Week 8

I have two words for you. Chocolate. Milkshakes.

Other than a sudden sweet tooth, life has been good this week. The sickness is gone and I am able to eat pretty much everything again. Not mad about it in the least, and very thankful for this break in the nausea.

Week 9-13

Honestly everything got so much better these last few weeks. I'm not feeling sick or having aversions to things. Mostly I am just sleepy. We aren't hiding the pregnancy really, but we still aren't "announcing" it. This makes for some random, "Oh yea, we are pregnant by the way." type of conversations. Oh well!

Week 14

I am finally taking a bump picture this week. We started doing them at 13 weeks when I was pregnant with Leighton, and really I just got behind on it. I am trying my hardest to do the same stuff I did with him but we will see how that pans out. I know people say the second child always has a little less when it comes to the sentimental keepsake type things. I will do my best.

Food aversions are coming back. It is all completely random too. Something will be fine one day and three days later it is a hard pass.

Week 15

There is something reassuring about feeling your baby move for the first time. I actually felt it a week or so ago, but now I am feeling a small little body press out and create a bump on my belly every now and then. Knowing there is a little human inside you is such a crazy feeling.

Anyway, we did actually take my first belly picture on the first day of this week. Just a week later than anticipated. I can't wait to go back and compare this time to Leighton.

Week 16

We had our 16 week appointment this week. Baby is growing like it should be and its heartbeat was in the 140s. Life has been pretty normal, no crazy symptoms (outside of nosebleeds here and there) and no crazy stories.

Week 17

Another week of pretty normal life. I've still been getting nosebleeds, mostly when I first wake up in the morning, and I have started to get a little bit of pinching around my tailbone (which sucks!).

Before I finish this out, I just want to say that maternity pants at Thanksgiving are the best.

I plan on doing a lot better at these updates. With Leighton I did some pretty intensive updates throughout and I want to be more like that if possible with this one. Thanks for joining us on this new journey toward a family of 4 (well, 5 with the dog).

I'll post my 18 week update on Sunday and then we will be back on track with my 19 Week on Wednesday!

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