Winter Hair No More

You know what makes a shower great? Double-duty products! I seriously make it a point to have products that do what they are meant to, but also that just smell damn good. My shampoo, dear friends, does exactly that. 

Let's talk about my shower situation first. I mean I am a pretty standard self-care junkie, in that I have 7,000+ products in my shower at once. Ha! Nate and Leighton each have one and the rest are mine. (Yes, my little guy takes showers. I'm not crying...but I am.) Among the products are a variety of scents that play well together - lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and, are you ready for it... MAPLE.

Silk18 Shampoo (c/o)

Converse Clean-Up

If there was one thing that was long overdue this winter, it was cleaning my Converse. It's like cleaning makeup brushes. You know you HAVE to, but it is just something you don't want to take the time to do, ha! Besides that, I was also so scared to turn my precious chucks yellow because I've seen so many horror stories about doing just that by cleaning them wrong. Eventually I bit the bullet and did it. 

Family Pictures, Orchard Style

Each year I like to have professional pictures taken of our family. Yeah, it may seem unnecessary to some, but I really enjoy them. This year we headed to a local apple orchard to take them. It was Nate and I's 5th wedding anniversary, Leighton's 3rd birthday and Hudson's 6 months.

Honestly, I love them so much! The colors are just gorgeous and Kahlie really captured our little family so perfectly. 

What's up with the Blair's?


Oh hey there. It's been a minute. (I feel like I said this last year too.) 

Honestly, I feel some guilt because I was so up on keeping this blog updated while we were going through Leighton's first year and I haven't done the same for Hudson. #SecondKidProblems

Anyway, we have had a LOT going on since about last November. So I felt like it was about time for an update. Really we haven't been too publicly open (social media wise) about all of these changes, but we really have no reason not to. 

The weekend we painted pumpkins

There was so much on our list of fun things to do this weekend, but with a toddler and a (almost) six month old things rarely go as planned. Saturday we had every intention of hitting up the pumpkin patch and doing all the fun things - climbing on hay bales, petting zoo, picking pumpkins, apple treats and sliding down the slide that was too big last year. However, Leighton woke up with a gnarly cough and a bit of a fever so that all was postponed (maybe cancelled for the year).

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