What's up with the Blair's?


Oh hey there. It's been a minute. (I feel like I said this last year too.) 

Honestly, I feel some guilt because I was so up on keeping this blog updated while we were going through Leighton's first year and I haven't done the same for Hudson. #SecondKidProblems

Anyway, we have had a LOT going on since about last November. So I felt like it was about time for an update. Really we haven't been too publicly open (social media wise) about all of these changes, but we really have no reason not to. 

Let's start with my favorite little people, the boys! They are both in daycare and honestly thrive in the setting. I do credit our provider for many things, especially with Leighton (i.e. sleeping without a crib at one, potty trained around two, and super smart). 

Hudson is such a mover! He is going to wear us out for sure once he starts walking. Right now he is crawling like a champ, using anything he can to stand up, showing a LOT of interest in the stairs and has his first tooth popping through. Honestly he would rather be eating regular people food instead of purees (which is honestly fine with me) so we let him eat what we can of our food. His sleeping has been hit or miss really, but when it is good, it is good. 

We have such a happy baby, people. So happy! His laugh is perfect. If he would be able to talk and  you asked him what his two favorite things are I'm sure he would say: his brother and bath time.

Mr. Leighton is always catching us off-guard. His little sayings lately have been on a whole other level and he just constantly impresses us with his smarts. He is very much into animals, cars and blocks. Art is becoming a favorite too as he received many art-related gifts for Christmas. Honestly, this guy could talk your ear off. If you pay attention to my Instagram stories you will see, I share his little dinner chats every now and then. Books are still huge for him, and lately he has been super into his Bible book which really warms my heart. 

As much as Hudson is all about his brother, Leighton is too. These boys show so much interest in each other and genuine love for each other. Sometimes all Leigh wants to do is cuddle his brother, even if it only lasts for 15 seconds before they both get too antsy and have to move around again. 

Our other boy, our first boy, is Remington. Remi is still living his life. He plays with the boys and does really, really well when Hudson shows interest in him and wants to "pet" him or stand up next to him. We love our big red dog. 

Nate has moved on to a new job as of last November-ish. He is still in the sales world and now has the opportunity to be in the OR which makes him SUPER happy. (More on the job situation later, but it will be leading us back to Fort Wayne later in the year.) Training for this new job really takes up a lot of his "hobby" time so he doesn't have much going on outside of work and our family right now. He has been traveling quite a bit for training and then also just for his territory so we are navigating the changes that makes for our family throughout the week. 

Me, I'm just living life the best I can. I am keeping my job after we move and just working remotely from home (a MILLION "thank you's" to my company for making this happen). Adjusting to not having Nate home every day or even every now and then on the weekends has been mostly smooth. The mornings still aren't the smoothest, but we are working on it! I've still got my little side-hustles (SeneGence and freelancing for Wedding/Event makeup) and hope that I can start to make them a little more impactful over the course of the year. Working on my fitness has been a major priority and although the holidays set me back a bit I have jumped back into it. My friend and I are going to be doing a program that one of our other friend's has put together so maybe I'll keep track of that on here and share my results!

With the new job for Nate it means we will be moving back to Fort Wayne, as northern Indiana will be his territory. We aren't for sure on when exactly we will be listing our house, but hopefully by the Spring/Summer we will be all squared away up north! That being said we have A LOT of work to do on the house to get ready to sell. Not really anything major, just little projects to clean it up and make it look its absolute prettiest. I LOVE our house and all of its character and we really want to showcase that for the next owners. 

This next house will be our 4th house. Talk about breaking millenial stereotypes right? Neither one of us has rented ever, but depending on what the housing market looks like we may for a year. Maybe we'll build. Maybe we'll find the perfect house for our kids to actually grow up in. One thing is for sure, I don't plan on moving again any time soon after this time. (I've said that before though...)

That is all for now. Life is going to be crazy and we want to keep our family and friends updated so we'll be back to this little blog of mine. I miss it!

Thanks for stopping in!

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