The weekend we painted pumpkins

There was so much on our list of fun things to do this weekend, but with a toddler and a (almost) six month old things rarely go as planned. Saturday we had every intention of hitting up the pumpkin patch and doing all the fun things - climbing on hay bales, petting zoo, picking pumpkins, apple treats and sliding down the slide that was too big last year. However, Leighton woke up with a gnarly cough and a bit of a fever so that all was postponed (maybe cancelled for the year).

Honestly you could not tell he was sick by looking at him all weekend. He had just as much energy as ever and only acted grouchy/needy right before nap-time on Sunday. Hudson ended up getting a bit of a cough as well, but again never acted sick in the least. That being said, we still wanted to do SOMETHING fall spirited with the boys. So we painted pumpkins!


Leighton was all concentration and had to get every bit of orange on the pumpkin covered. Hudson was just happy to watch his brother (who he is obsessed with btw). 


 What do you have on your fall bucket list? I want to give Leighton a skull face, he is obsessed with the movie Coco and I really think he would be giddy about it.

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