Weekend Wrap-Up

This past week has been a surreal time - my best friend got engaged - but let's start with last weekend.

My dad and brother came up to visit this past weekend and we all took advantage of all that our lovely town has to offer and went to a baseball game. The Tin Caps are the feeder team for the Padres and they are a really fun team to watch. The stadium is spectacular and the atmosphere is exactly what you want to experience at a minor league game. I love it, everything about it. We were lucky enough to hang out in the 400 Club with some of our friends at this game. This meant food and drinks while sitting in the air conditioning. I felt bad for my dad and brother who were outside on the lawn, but then I realized my brother was still having a blast and could care less where he sat. After the game we watched the fireworks and headed home. Living so far away from my family is hard at times, but I am lucky that they love to visit - especially now that I have my puppy!

The whole week kind of drug on. I am one of the only one's in my "department" at work that wasn't traveling all week and so it was really quiet. A Starbucks run felt necessary (there is no shame in it) and I drank a lot of coffee to keep myself focused. I have noticed a great hike in my coffee in-take lately - not mad about it either. Not only did the quietness of the office make the week drag, but the anticipation of all that was to happen this weekend made it seem like the week lasted forever. My best friend got engaged on Saturday and her fiance was kind enough to include my husband and I. It was the sweetest thing ever and I captured some great moments.

I am making an effort to really start capturing the moments in our lives with our friends and family and I am hoping these weekly reviews of sorts will help me document everything. I want to have pictures of our lives together and pictures are meant to be shared.


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