Monday Motivation

It is summer - obvi! Summer means lake days and pool time with friends among other things, so naturally it is a key time to work or the figure. Luckily I have my amazing husband to make me a workout program. Below are the first two weeks of the program he came up with for me. By focusing on weights and only doing heavy cardio two days a week, I should see the results I am dreaming of - along with good eating habits. Each day I start off riding a bike or on the elliptical for about 10 minutes to get myself going.

Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana, Miss USA 2014
Miss Indiana during the 2014 Miss USA Competition | See full article by E!
Also, just wanted to give a shout-out to Miss Indiana rocking her body during the swimsuit competition last night. The social media world was giving her so much praise for her healthy body, and I must agree she looked fantastic. And congratulations to Miss Nevada on becoming Miss America 2014 - you are stunning!


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