Wednesday's Wish

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is halfway to the weekend and I could not be happier. Lately I have been seeing a lot of things that I have been wishing would just appear in my life - most of the time it is a major case of blogger envy. Seriously, where do these girls get the money for all of the new cute things all the time? I am sure there is something I just haven't figured out yet being new to this whole blogging thing.

After looking at so many great blogger's posts each day, I have started to rack up a list of things I want to buy. Here are some things that I have been lusting over lately:

Panama Hat | J. Crew

Nameplate Necklace | Love Always

Tassle Necklace | Brina Box

Picnic Basket | Swoozie's

Penny Wedge | Tory Burch (Nordstom)

Wifey Tee | ILY Couture
they're Real  Push-Up Liner | Ulta


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