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Okay, so last week I stumbled upon this great little service and it is simply too good not to share. As a journalism major I used to stay current on the news because I had to for class. This meant that I stayed pretty up to date on all the major happenings in the world and locally. Now that I am living in adult world and getting up earlier to make it to the office I don't have time to read newspapers or watch the news intently - I need sleep. Entering into my life at the exact moment I was wishing I could take in more news/current events was theSkimm.

TheSkimm was founded by two twenty something friends who work in and have a passion for news created this daily (Monday-Friday) email service that sends you a short version of the biggest headlines of the day. It is well-written and the perfect length for a quick morning read. Check them out here to see what I am talking about and while you are there sign up to recieve your daily Skimm.

Thank you theSkimm for bringing news back into my life on the daily!

How do you get  your news?


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