Weekend Wrap Up

So this weekend was a big one. We joined Nate's family at a Vineyard & Winery for his cousins birthday and I got to join Nate on his first official wine tasting. It was so much fun. Granted, Nate and I can only share one type of wine - Moscato - and I wasn't even super fond of their's, so we bought a bottle of Cab for me and he ended up getting wine slushies. Everyone was happy. If you ever find yourself in Northeast Indiana, make sure to take a trip to Country Heritage Winery. It is so pretty inside and the wine is fab. On the weekend they have something called "Wine Down" where they get a band/musician to come and play for three hours while everyone drinks their wine. They also brought in a food truck that I didn't try, but our family members were raving about.

We called it a night earlier than the rest of his family because I had a class to go to at 8 on Saturday morning and Nate had a paper to write for school. By that afternoon though, we were back at the birthday celebration joining his cousin and her friends for a pond party. Drinking games, food and plenty of conversations ensued and it was a wonderful time. I did however fail on the picture-taking so I apologize (blogger fail).

Sunday was bittersweet. Nate and I skipped out on church to get him ready to take off for his first week of labs down at Indiana Wesleyan - yay grad school! We used to have a (short) long distance relationship and he travels for work when his sports are in season, so we are used to being apart for periods of time, but it is never fun to say goodbye. He will be back soon though and I will be very happy.

I am glad that I have found things to do here and have made friends. Recently, I joined a group of girls on a 4's sand volleyball league in addition to my co-ed 6's team. I need to pick up an at-home hobby though to keep me busy while Nate is on the road - suggestions?

Below is an Insta update of everything I have posted since my last update. I will get better at this - I promise!


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My view on the course on one of our golf dates.
Nate and I on the golf cart, me looking bald.

Puppy playdate
Beer pong on the lake.

With my Pi Phi lil' sis on the lake.
Tired pup!

Can you spot the mullet?
We always take a goofy picture, it never fails.

With my love on the Lily Pad.
Thanks to my bestie for creepin' on us and taking this!

'Merica shirts for the 4th
My June beauty buys and samples

Best giveaway ever from one of my favorite
beauty vloggers! Check her out here.

In love with this outfit.

After my hair appointment, I'm blonde-ish!

Out night at Wine Down

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