At Home with Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™

I have a love hate relationship with gel nails. I love the way they look and typically how they wear, but I hate spending the money at the salon and ending up with torn up nails when I take the gel off. Half the time I get them done they don't even last a full week because the salon didn't take care of my cuticles and the gel starts to peel off within days. 

However, the nail gods heard my cries and sent me a new at-home gel polish that is easy to use and remove - the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ nail polish. It is a no-light at-home gel nail polish that is legitimately two steps and done. The natural light reacts with the top coat to cure the color and make it long-wearing. It dries really, really quickly and held up really well. I painted my nails really quickly before a wedding two Saturday's ago in between curling my hair and applying my makeup and I didn't have a smudge or messed up nail at all - MIRACLE! I always mess up one nail, always. Throughout the week I put my nails through a tough time of wear - two long days of volleyball and some cleaning. At the end of it all, I only had one chip and that was because I broke a nail. There was a little general wear around the edge of my nail but overall I was thoroughly impressed.

The box says that it can last up to 14 and I made it eight before I felt I was due for a fresh coat, I am a bit ADD when it comes to nail color. This gave me the perfect chance to see if this gel came off as easy as the box said it would and how my nails looked under the polish. They looked perfectly fine and the color came off really easily. Again, very impressed. 

My only big tip to the next lovely lady that decides to try this polish is to remember to clean up around your nails before they dry. I let mine dry before trying to make sure the sides were clean and it ended up looking a little messy until the thicker spots naturally came loose. 

Overall, I am looking forward to buying a new color and experimenting with the possibilities of nail art with the gel polish. I am also looking forward to seeing how long my mani will last a second time around. 

Day 1
Day 8
Want to see how other lovelies achieved their Miracle Mani with Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™? Search #MiracleMani on Instagram for other reviews and inspiration for your next mani. I am thinking a more tribal feel for my next day of at-home pampering!


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