Oh, hey Monday

It is inevitable, every weekend is followed by Monday - DUH.

Monday again

Well, this weekend was a great lead up to the start of a new work week. Concert, lake, dinner with friends, a celebration of a new engagement and all followed but a relaxing Sunday at home.

Friday night was girls night at the Downtown Throwdown featuring Jana Kramer, Aaron Lewis and Trace Adkins. We sang, danced and talked to some random people. It was the first year for this specific event and you could tell - not well promoted (radio only) and there was no ATM (you couldn't leave to get cash either) so no food for me. Miss Kramer was a great performer and I fully plan on recreating it later on. She also rocked a center part and subtle volume for her hair and I was super surprised with how much I liked it since I typically like volume and slightly off-center parts. Aaron Lewis was a gave a good performance as well, but I was honestly in line for the bathroom (it was a long line) for a lot of it. Finally, Trace came on stage and it was a grand old time. For a 52 year old the man has still got it, and at one point he took his hat off and let his hair down - literally. It was a great night out with girls, everyone needs it every now and then.

Then Saturday morning, I headed up to the lake to pick up Nate. We left earlier than originally planned and I took zero  pictures - yay, another blogger fail. I'm still working on it. After making sure that my lovely friend got her nails done, I headed home to have dinner with Nate and two of our other friends - who were about to celebrate 1 year of marriage. Then we headed downtown to JK O'Donnell's for drinks and to patiently wait for our other friend to pop the question. Following some drinks and questions about the proposal - which was adorable and done as he was taking "selfies" of them. So freaking cute! Then it was out for some dancing and continued celebration.

Sunday was laundry and laziness and it was much appreciated. Gotta love Sunday. I feel like my weekend was pretty interesting, and I hope yours was too! How do you keep your weekends interesting?

Weekend pictures below, if you follow me on Instagram - which  you should - then these will be old news, but still enjoy. And congrats again to all of the happy couples in my life!!!

To come later this week:

  • Sally Hansen Gel Polish review
  • Engagement Basket - What is Inside


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  1. Looks like a fun show! Sundays are definitely meant for being lazy :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting it! And also thanks for the first comment - you are my first!


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