Booties and leather and scarves, OH MY!

I am dreaming of fall weather, like all the time. It is the perfect time out though and I just can't wait for it to be here already. Leggings, fires, pumpkins, apples - it is kinda my favorite time of year. This year's trends are great too and my list is starting to get really long - which is unfortunate.

So far I am crushing hard on booties of all kinds and leather everything. Scarves and cute shirts are always on my list, as well as dresses and jewelry. I also can't help but want these Valentino's (even though I know I could never afford them) and a pair of over the knee boots. I am still on the hunt for the perfect leather moto jacket, so if anyone finds one let me know! 
As I am searching for the perfect fall staple pieces I am keeping track of them on Rack It Up. This website is pure genius. You add things that you like to your closet and stipulate when you would like to be notified - when it goes on sale, when the price drops by ___% or ___$. It is really great and helps you get the best price without checking back everyday. Check out my closet here!

Yes Carrie, we agree! #fashion

What fall trends are you crushing on? Who is ready to go shopping with me?

We are halfway to the weekend everyone, hold on!


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