From #Baals to VIP

Well, this weekend was busy! I normally don't do more than  one fun thing in a weekend,but this weekend was full of fun and exciting adventures. That may be a slight exaggeration, but it was fun!

So, one of my friends came to visit - she is one of my oldest friends that I still consider myself to be close with - and I was super excited. We probably haven't seen each other since my sister's graduation in May to be honest, so we were long over-due. We ate dinner and then just caught up on each others lives lately. Eventually I mentioned something about an outdoor concert/rave/block party and both Nate and my friend gave me a look like, why are you just telling us now!? So we got dressed for the occasion and headed out the door for #Baals.

Yes, you read that right, #Baals

Harry Baals was Major of Fort Wayne back in the day. At one point the town government was considering naming a building after him, which ended up being a topic on a couple late-night TV shows and newspaper articles. This is where the name for this event came from. The block party is organized by A Better Fort and was the second part of a two part  series this summer (the first being #House4House). It was interesting. #Baals had DJs up on the main stage mixing electronic/dubstep type music while there were glow-sticks, dancers and fire performers everywhere else. It was a huge hodgepodge of people - from a twerking four-year-old to middle-aged men. Unfortunately I think the age range is my main complaint - there were a lot of high-school kids there and unfortunately they were inappropriately dressed and intoxicated. I am sure there were some underage kids that were following the law and dress appropriately, but the overwhelming majority of them looked like they were walking around on the beach unfortunately. Seriously though, if I would have tried to leave the house like that as a teenager I would have never been allowed to leave again. Overall, it was an interesting experience and I enjoyed the music, people watching and my drink.

Saturday rolled around and I accompanied my friend to a wedding since her boyfriend couldn't make it. It was a very nice, traditional wedding, and the couple looked so happy to just be together. After watching the beginning of the next chapter of their love story we headed to pick up Nate and his friend from a Craft Beer Festival. If you are ever in Fort Wayne/New Haven around this time, check and see if Brew Haven is falling on your visit. This was Nate's second year going and he absolutely loved it - he found a new favorite beer too, Resin.

We then headed to our favorite bar/club to end the night in style with a VIP section at Flashbacks. After some drinks and a little dancing we were partied out and headed home. It was a great weekend all around, packed full with fun, friends and a little alcohol. Hey, we have to do it while we can right?

Hope your weekend was just as fun! I added all of my Instagram pictures since my last Weekend Wrap Up below, in case you don't follow me on Insta (but you should).


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Nate and I at the 3 Rivers Festival
The sand won during volleyball the other day

#Baals selfie
Remington loves cuddling now
Us showing off our drinks casually at #Baals
#Baals with my love
Loving my new Salley Hanson nail polish
Review to coming soon
My placecard at the wedding where I was clearly
filling in  - as I am not Brandon
Attempt #1
Attempt #

Finally! Attempt #3 

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