All About the Masks

As previously stated in my skincare post and as obvious as it is on Instagram, I am a mask lover. Twice a week I take the time to pamper my skin and give it the extra love it needs. I came across the first mask by watching a friend's YouTube (check her out here) video on her monthly favorites. The second was pure luck when I happened to be shopping at LUSH one day.

The Deep Down Detox mask feels amazing on the skin and smells even better. My pores always feel free after using it. The second is also really yummy smelling and gives a really good exfoliation as you clean it off. They both do the trick and pairing them up throughout the week helps to keep my skin looking its best. One on Sunday and one on Wednesday seems to be the best way for me!

What are your favorite masks? Any good ones out there I should give a try?

Shop my favorites:
Deep Down Detox
Mask of Magnaminty


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