Don't Rain On My Parade

Each summer since I turned 21 - so the past three summers - and each time has been an experience to say the least. All three years have had something happen that wasn't in the original plan - time for a trip down memory lane on a beautiful Monday morning.

Year 1

Jana Kramer
I honestly don't remember who the headliner was this  year, but it was my first experience with Countryfest. It ended up getting delayed halfway through because of really bad storms and we had to run for cover because something about standing under a metal tent during a storm just didn't seem smart. Anyway we ended up leaving once the sirens went off and completely missed the rest of the show which resumed probably about 15 minutes later. Whoops! 

Nate and I

Year 2

The second year I attended Countryfest was last year and it was my bachelorette party - half my bridal party was under 21 so this was a really good option. It was the first year that the concert took place at the ballpark and we got a suite to make it extra special - food and our own bartender. 

And then on top of that we also got Meet & Greet passes to see Love and Theft. Somewhere there is a video of them singing "All I want for Christmas is You" to help cross things off my list that night but I can't find it.

I guess we seemed like fun when we met them because then they came back to our suite and hung out with us there!


So it is safe to say that year was a lot of fun, definitely more exciting than we thought going into it. Who doesn't want to hang out with people after your hear them in concert? Makes for some good stories the next day. The highlight of the night though was hearing about my mom yelling at some random lady for taking a picture of my behind. Rude!

Year 3

Our group
So now this past weekend we went to Countryfest number 3 and other than the weather, it was pretty good. The temperature was great for the first half and then it started raining/storming and again we had to run for cover for a little while. This meant cornhole and beer in a parking garage followed by beef stew and baby Guinness shots at a local Irish bar. 

Thankful for warm weather to start the night.
Once we were pretty sure the concert was going again we headed back to hear Billy Currington sing a little until our ride picked us up.
Billy Currington
Doesn't everyone take a picture like this?
 Here are a couple more pictures of Nate and I from this weekend. It always takes a few to really get a good picture of us. At least 3 tries - ALWAYS.

The rest of the weekend was pretty calm. Sunday was a lazy Sunday for sure and it was much needed. I did catch the first episode of Madam Secretary and The Good Wife Sunday night though. Madam Secretary has potential, haven't completely made up my mind yet. The Good Wife though, goodness, could they have started off with a bigger bang? I am really excited for the rest of the season.  


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