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Every morning for me seems to be a struggle, so I am not big on a huge makeup routine that takes 30 minutes to do. For me, my everyday makeup routine takes about 10 minutes or so and is quick and simple. I use a mix of drugstore and high-end products, and they seem to be just right for my face. 

I have a kind of oily/combination t-zone so I do not use anything that says it illuminates. Also, I choose a primer that is supposed to help keep the oil under control. My primer and my powders have really made a difference in my overall final product and how long it lasts. Typically this lasts me the entire workday, only blotting once at lunch. If I need to go somewhere after work I just add a little fresh powder and blush and my face looks good as new since the base of my makeup is strong.

All products and tools used are listed at the end!

*Note: my skincare routine that I go through in the morning before applying my makeup can be found here.

So to begin, I use my L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector, and really pack it into my pores around my nose and through my t-zone. Then after letting it set in for a few minutes (usually I style my hair while I am letting this set in) I move on to my foundation. I have been a MAC girl for a while now, and I am in love with their foundations and concealers. I have tried 3 different foundation formulas and 3 concealers and so far these are my favorite - but really they are all good. I take my Pro Longwear Foundation and pump two pumps out on the back of my hand. Then I dot it all over my face with my finger and take a damp Beauty Blender to buff it out. This gives me a really good medium coverage - I like to still see my freckles popping through. Next, I take my Pro Longwear Concealer and using about half a pump, dot it under my eyes, on the corners of my mouth and nose, between my eyebrows and down my nose. I make sure the concealer makes a triangle almost under my eye (from each corner of my eye to the corner of my nose) to help cover up dark circles. Then I buff this out using the pointy end of my Beauty Blender. If there is anywhere that looks too light I go back over it with whatever foundation is left on the round side of my Beauty Blender.

Sticking with my MAC love, I use two powders to set my foundation/concealer in place. Using a fluffy, powder brush I use my Studio Fix powder over the majority of my face (everywhere except under my eyes). Then I go back with a contour brush and set the area under my eyes with my MAC Blot Powder Pressed (a lighter shade and a lighter weight powder overall). I don't contour my face on the daily, but I do add a little bronzer right under my cheekbones and lightly on the corners of my forehead. This Hoola bronzer by Benefit is the perfect shade and the brush is a great shape too so I just use that. To finish it off I use a nice and fluffy blush brush with just whatever blush I am feeling that day - typically this Sephora blush.

Finally, I move on to my eyes. I start by using my Sephora eyelid primer to give a good base for my eyeshadow. Then using a definer brush I take a matte brown (top row, second shade from the left) and put that in the corner of my eye and my crease. Then I take a buffing brush and blend it out with a more gold toned brown (bottom row the first shade from the left). To lighten it up a little, I then take a light tan shade (top row, first from left) and add that to the center of my lid an through to the inner corner. Finally I take that first brown shade and use a pencil brush to buff out my bottom lashes oh so lightly. I am still working on this. I really want to be able to get that smoky look under my eye, but it takes some practice. 

For eyeliner, I use a felt tipped liner by Stila and only line my upper lashes, and I make sure to get the liner down between my lashes to help make them look fuller. Then I curl my lashes and add a coat of Benefit's They're Real to both my upper and lower lashes. When I do my lower lashes I make sure to stamp the mascara on my lashline to give the effect of liner without it being super harsh. Then I take my Brow Wiz pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills and fill my lashes.

My last step is going back with my powder brush and my Blot Powder and lightly going over the area under my eyes and above my cheekbones. Some days I will set it with a setting spray as well, I really like Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray.

Brushes used:

Products used:

Wow! That was a lot. Now you know how I get my everyday look. Every now and then I change something up a little bit, but for the most part this is my everyday.

Do you have any tried and true makeup products that make up your everyday look? Would it have been more helpful to include a video or something? I am not a huge fan of myself on video so I am steering clear until it is requested. What else would you like to see on here? I am open to suggestions.

Have a wonderful day everyone and a happy birthday to my amazing husband!


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