A week of firsts

First, let me catch up on my missed #blogtober14 posts (I really suck at this lately).

October 17 | I'm an expert at...

Over-analyzing everything
Eating chocolate
Driving my husband crazy
Cheering my husband up
Being a big sister (this took some practice) 
Doing laundry my way

October 18 | A secret about you...

I love to bake but rarely eat what I make. It is weird but true, more than half the time when I bake something I won't eat it. I am my harshest critic and I would rather take the word of someone else that it is good than taste it and not be happy with it.

October 19 | What makes you happy...

My husband
My puppy
My Family
Sour Patch Kids
Shopping Sprees
Crafting time
Bubble Baths
A good book & the smell of a new book
The smell right after it rains

Check back later today for today's #blogtober14 post - my biggest fear.

Okay, now on to the weekend! It was a blast, let me tell ya. Friday night I drove down to see one of my friends for what I thought was a small sleepover with her and our other roommate from senior year. Well that 3 person sleepover turned into dinner and wine for a bridal party as she asked each of us to be her bridesmaid. As we each approached the house she stopped us outside with a present (it was dark so no pictures, sorry) that had a card in it. The bag also had a balloon in it, and attached to the balloon was a circle with a safety pin attached that said "pop me". Once I popped the balloon there was a little piece of paper that said "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Well duh! So next July be ready to see me in my first bridesmaid dress ever. 

With the bride-to-be

After a late night of catching up with friends, I headed home to pick up my puppy Saturday morning. Then I was in a mad rush to get ready for my first hockey game as a Komette. Other than giving myself a major paper cut while handing out poster-sized schedules it was great! I didn't bust it on the ice and the girls are super fun.

My mom, sister and littlest brother were in the area and came to the game that night. It was the first time my brother and sister had been to a hockey game and my sister loved it (she liked the fights) and my brother enjoyed it as well. 

This is what happens when you ask him to take a picture for you

My sister and I after the game
Sunday was a lazy, clean your house sort of day - super productive. So, as you can see it was truly a week of firsts. My first time getting asked to be a bridesmaid, my first time working a hockey game, and my brother and sister's first time at a hockey game. Oh it was also the first time I had a guest post on the blog, you can check that out here.

Sidenote: This past week was also my first real week of traveling for work and while I was in Gainesville, I went to this little wine bar called Half Cork'd. Um, this place is amazing. Like this is my new happy place. It was filled with these little self-serve wine frig things and you just choose what size glass you wanted and it charges your card. Super convenient. So next time you head to Gainesville, check it out - if you like wine that is!

That is all from me! Have a wonderful Monday!

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