Friday's Favorites | October 24

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

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I have mentioned my love for this concealer many times, but lately my love for it has grown even more. Now, with my traveling for work lately my dark circles seem to have gotten darker and this stuff is still working for me. I really can't complain about it, and honestly if I had to pick one makeup product I couldn't live without it would be this!

The Best of Me

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As I was waiting for my flight home this week, I decided to pick up a book to read and this one caught my eye. I am really a firm believer in reading the book before you see the movie, so The Best of Me was on my list. So far I really like it and am about halfway through - yeah, I started it yesterday...

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

So, I didn't get a picture of these because they looked like just plain mashed potatoes, but oh my goodness they were spectacular. 

This Candle

For as long as I can remember, I have always thought the smell of pipe tobacco was amazing. I blame my momma for this one, she always commented about how good it smelled if anyone around us was smoking one. As I was walking through Marshall's one day I saw this lovely guy and just had to buy it. When I saw a second one I knew it was meant to be and snatched it up as well (for my mom). Luckily I did because as soon as I posted this picture on Instagram, my mom text me saying she needed to have that candle - like mother, like daughter. 

My Amazing Faux Find

If you have been reading my blog this month, you know I was on a mad search for a faux fur vest. Well, thanks to Marshall's I found one without spending a fortune and I was beyond excited about it. Nate on the other hand, isn't so thrilled.

 Mmmm, and this monster salad

For some reason I was really craving a taco salad, so for dinner on Monday that is what we had. It was just what I was needing and tasted perfect. It was nothing too special - taco meat, cheese, salsa, beans, corn and a little ranch to top it off!

That is all for me! What is on your favorites list this week?

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