Halloween of years gone by

We didn't do Halloween when I was younger, probably because my parents grew up Mennonite and Halloween isn't the holiest of holidays. However, when I was in 8th grade I convinced my parents to let us trick-or-treat at my grandparents' neighbors' houses. 

In high-school I only remember dressing up two times. The first time was my freshman year and I was Gretchen from Mean Girls and my three friends were the rest of the pack. Then my senior year we dressed up and went trick-or-treating for cans and I think I was like a fairy princess or something. I only dressed up a couple of times because a) I was in high school and b) our school put on this awesome haunted house as a fundraiser (yeah, small little catholic school put on a crazy awesome haunted house). 

Junior Year
Junior year's was not my best look. I was a head on a silver platter I think this year.

Senior Year

Senior Year
Me dressing as a doll was my favorite look for the haunted house I think, which is weird because I hate them. Honestly I wouldn't look around me at while I was sitting there because the dolls freaked me out.  

So high-school was filled with scary outfits and haunted houses, then came college which meant some unfortunately non-classy outfits. Seriously though, what made me think these were okay?

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year
My freshman year, I am pretty sure we indirectly got a lecture from our sorority about our outfit - referencing angels and all while looking way less than classy. Sophomore and Junior years were more covered up, but still... Luckily by senior year we grew out of that and wore pants!

Last year (my first non-school Halloween) we were actually getting stuff ready for our wedding so there was no festivities other than handing out candy to the neighborhood kiddos. 

Really, I haven't had a bad Halloween ever. Sure I have had plenty of unfortunate outfits, but never really bad experiences. My most fun, though, was probably my senior year of high school working in the haunted house. 

What was your favorite Halloween? Has anyone had any particularly bad experiences?

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