It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Actually it was January and the middle of Snowpocalypse 2014 and we were trying to get to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. We should have known that is was going to be a bumpy week to say the least, seeing as it dumped like a foot of snow the night before our flight and it did not slow down that morning. Luckily, we had bumped up our flight out the day before and we got to the airport early that morning - our flight was the very last one out of Indy that day. We did however get delayed out of Indy and that meant we missed our connecting flight out of DC. So, when we got to DC we had to try and get a new flight (which we succeeded in) and about 4 hours later we were on our way to Florida.

Our travel woes didn't stop there though, we found out that our hotel was a good distance away from the airport and that taxi wasn't exactly cheap. Then our hotel wasn't exactly what we had in mind and we found out that we had to attend a really long meeting the next day as a part of our cruise package. We did however manage to get a little sun and drink a nice fruity drink to add some positive vibes into the trip.

Eventually we made it to the ship and we decided to make the best of the situation and try and put everything that had happened so far out of mind and enjoy the time we had. After a show and dinner I started to feel a little sick from the waves so I had to take some medicine which ended up knocking me out. When I woke up we were getting close to the island and we got ready to go.

The weather was less than perfect, but we kept telling ourselves it was better than Indiana. We didn't get to snorkel or anything else that we could have planned because it was cold and rainy most of the days, but we got to spend time together and the 60 degrees was better than the negative twenty. Our walks were lovely the drinks were free (so was the food). I was probably a little more grumpy than I should have been, but the weather bummed me out. 

Eventually, the rain went away and we joined other resort visitors at a bonfire on the beach with a lot of food and free drinks (duh). It was fun and we got a good picture of us together on the beach finally. We also met this mother/daughter couple who were a blast and after the beach party ended, we walked down to a local bar for some beer and dominoes. She took some pictures of us that we never ended up seeing and our contact exchange was not up to snuff so if you are reading this send them please!

The next day it was back to the boat and the sun finally made an appearance, we took advantage of it. That night we went to a comedy show and finished off our drink tickets. It had its rough spots, and I would definitely never travel with that company ever again, but I got to spend time away from the normal stress of life with the love of my life and that makes any bad situation better. It was still an unfortunately bad vacation because of the travel issues.

On a completely different note, did you catch my nice little MK&A reference at the beginning there? Talk about a Woman Crush Wednesday, those two have turned into fashion stars from "humble" tv beginnings as Michelle on Full House. Then all the movies of my middle school years and I'm not going to lie, my high school movie nights (see how they rank on BuzzFeed here). I mean, you just can't beat them - power couple, twin style.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Everything is so perfect about them both :(
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Have you had an unfortunately bad vacation? Did you have a silver lining appear or did it just stay terrible?

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