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Well hello Monday morning, you snuck up on me and smacked me in the face for sure. I am not sure how I functioned in the mornings in high school and my first years of college, because I didn't drink coffee at all. Now I might as well be attached to my cup with an iv. 

But really though
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Well, this weekend was filled with random family visits and fun excursions. Friday I got to have dinner with my mom and aunt which was lovely. Then I spent the rest of my night cuddling with my puppy. Saturday morning I cleaned my kitchen and got ready for my afternoon plans while I waited for my brother to get to my house. He hung out for a visit and ate some lunch - he is good at eating my food - and then he left to head back to school. I then got to spend the day in a bridal shop watching one of my favorite people try on white dresses. She looks stunning in the fancy dress she ended up picking and I can't wait for the rest of the wedding fun that is coming. Then it was out to eat with her family before I headed back home. Saturday night only had three things on the agenda - unhealthy snacks, wine and movies. Let me just tell ya, it was wonderful.

Sunday rolled around and it was church and football for the majority of the day. By mid-afternoon I finally got around to cleaning the rest of my house and doing some laundry. I also made time for tanning (aka applying my sunless tanner) and I finally feel confident enough in my thoughts on it that I am writing a post to look out!

Anyway then Once Upon a Time, Resurrection and Revenge came on and it was lights out after that. My adult life is so boring sometimes but I love it. 

But I am proud to say I have posted on the blog for 5 days straight and this will be day 6! If you missed my posts from this weekend, make sure to check them out:

Now to continue on with my #blogtober14 posting here are
10 Things I Would Tell Myself When I Started Blogging:

1. Be Patient, numbers grow with time.
2. Stay organized, it keeps you sane.
3. Plan ahead, you will stay more consistent with your posts that way.
4. Comment, comment, comment. Make useful comments on other blogs.
5. Be honest, no one wants to hear about your life if you aren't being truthful.
6. Listen to your friends when they suggest you write about something in particular.
7. Take pictures all the time, picture heavy posts are nicer to look at than solid text.
8. Utilize the talents of your loved ones. They are your biggest cheerleaders so ask for help if needed.
9. Share with everyone. Those who want to read it will and those who think it is dumb won't.
10. Don't care about what anyone else thinks, you are writing this for you first and foremost.

Any one of those ten comments would have been helpful when I first started this crazy thing. I am still sorting things out, but I have seen a huge difference since I started it several months ago.

That is all from me! Have a wonderful Monday!

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