Marble floors aren't my friend

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Let's all jump into our time machines shall we, and travel back to my freshman year of college. I am in John Krull's journalism class - it was our first real story writing class which usually meant a lot of fake phone calls and pop in "witnesses" to different things. This day however was different because we were taking a trip to the Statehouse. 

We were told to dress up so in my mind that meant a dress with a cardigan and heels obviously. The heels of course were too high to be walking around Indianapolis in and did not have a lot of tread on them, since I was a poor college kid and bought my shoes from Charlotte. 

Anyway, so there we are walking through the statehouse getting a tour of where all the action happens and BOOM down I go. In the rotunda in front of everyone. So embarrassing! Luckily, my then friend (she who shall not be named now) grabbed my arm and had me back on my feet almost before I hit the floor.

Lesson learned though, when walking on marble floors always wear good shoes. 

What is your most embarrassing moment?

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