Superstition or OCD

I am not a superstitious person by any means, however I do have a few quirks that I find just make life better. Whether or not they are superstitions, ODC tendencies or just oddities I will let you decide.

1. No odd numbers - like ever
Unless it is in a sport, then 7 wins every time or 14 or 21 (so multiples of 7)
2. Again with sports, always chew gum while pitching
3. No compliments from Dad until after the game (another high school sports one)
4. Find one of your eyelashes not on your eye anymore? You better make a wish
5. Never leave cake batter or cookie dough in the bowl, it needs to be clean before you wash it or the bowl will probably break

Like I said, nothing crazy here.

What are your superstitions or quirks or ODC issues?

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