My funniest childhood memory

So going back a few years, and while getting ready for a different person's wedding, my cousin and I had what is now one of my funniest memories as a child. At that moment it was a traumatic experience and not something either of us want to repeat ever, but it is something I will never forget.

So, let me set the background of this story. We are little, like 6 and 8 maybe (I am just making numbers up, I have no idea) and are in a hotel room together before one of our parents' cousin's weddings. She was the flower girl and I was just her older cousin with a lot of beauty tools in front of me (our Nanna is a beautician). Long story short she ended up with a round brush very tangled in her hair. Now the adults did get it taken out without losing a ton of hair but she still flinches I think anytime she sees me with a round brush.

Love you Riah!

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