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Everyone has a dream job but that dream doesn't always stick around for more than a year. I can think of a ton of different things that I dreamed about being when I grow up. Not once before college do I remember dreaming about what I am doing now, granted I don't think I knew this job existed before I got to school.

So, on this wonderful second day of October (and Blogtober) I am revisiting my dream jobs of years past - the ones I can remember anyway.

Among the many things that I wanted to be when I was really little was a hairdresser and a teacher. My Nanna was a hairdresser so we grew up around it and were always playing in her beauty shop. One year for Christmas we even got a mini beauty shop and that just encouraged all of the play even more. Out of the four of us girl cousins, only two of us took a real interest in hair, but neither of us pursued it at all.

Another job I remember dreaming/pretending to be when I was little was a teacher. Again, we played school all the time and I was always in charge - naturally. I remember thinking that being a teacher would be great, summers off and all. Then I started watching other peoples' kids and that thought flew straight out the window.

In middle school I started to pursue a modeling career. We were living close to Chicago so it worked out pretty well. I was a tiny little thing and had a contract with an agency for a while, but then we moved and I never quite grew enough to transition to runway so there went that dream.

High school brought the dream of fashion design/stylist/buyer. I was sold on the career and thought it was exactly what I wanted. By the time it was time to look at schools that was one of my search criteria - fashion program of some sort. For some reason I just kind of let this one go out of practicality. I knew that to really be successful I needed to move pretty far away, and I just wasn't ready to commit to that yet so I started looking at other careers.

I also got super interested in forensic pathology in high school, and by my junior year this was a top competitor for dream jobs. At this point in my life it was kind of a dark time and I was really into all of the crime shows on top of that, so something about finding out why people died really interested me. I was especially interested in the crime scene investigation realm - CSI and Criminal Minds level stuff. However my time in advanced Bio and Chem put a huge pin in that thought. 

Once I got to college I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted to do. Public relations, account service that sort of thing. Sure there were little spurts of ideas about other occupations (social work and graphic design) but those were never super serious and just led me to get more education outside my field.

Now I am working toward my college dream job. I am currently an Account Coordinator at an Advertising/PR agency and I am working hard and putting in my time. Of course a girl still dreams, and now my thoughts have moved on to being an esthetician or being self employed in some way. I love all things beauty and fashion but also really love events and design, so my brain goes a million different ways. One thing is true though, I really love what I am doing now and so all those random thoughts are just that for now, thoughts.

Wow I have dreamed about a lot of different jobs. Hairdresser, teacher, model, fashion designer, stylist, buyer, forensic pathologist, PR pro, social work, graphic designer, esthetician, and self employed - none are too alike. You have to dream though, you have to keep pushing yourself to be better and that is what I hope to do everyday.

What is your dream job? Is it the same as it was when you were 4,7, 12, 17 or 21?

Thanks for reading! I know it got wordy...

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