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As I mentioned earlier today in my goals, I am aiming to blog at least once a day every day in October. To help me do this, I am joining in with other bloggers in a #Blogtober14 event hosted by these two lovely ladies - The Daily Tay & Helene In Between.

October 1 | If I Won The Lottery...

So, what would I do? I really had to think about this one because I honestly am one of the most unlucky people ever when it comes to winning things so I haven't really thought about this much before this prompt happened. 

Well, first I would pay off Nate and my student loans and our house. Getting rid of our debt is probably priority numero uno. Then I would want to help our parents out with their houses or whatever loans they racked up thanks to our school costs. I mean they dedicated the past 23 and 25 years of their lives taking care of us so why wouldn't I return the favor and help them out a bit. Love you guys!

I would also make sure to give a nice donation to both of Nate and my greek organizations - Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. We were both so involved in these organizations when we were in school and they mean so much to us individually and as a couple that I would want to give back a little more than normal. In the same respect I would want to give back to the school that brought us together and provided me with my amazing education.

I would like to think that winning the lottery wouldn't change me too much, and therefore I think I would still want to work. Not necessarily working in the same thing that I am now, but I need something to keep me busy. I would either start my own business (boutique, makeup, design/events or photography I think) or get my esthetician license and do that.

Nate would also want a bit of a career change - work toward being a golf pro. I don't have to ask, he has said this before.

Obviously I would go shopping a bit for myself, Nate, and our house. We would probably get a new house but nothing extravagant. New cars, but again nothing crazy. I would definitely put away money for our children's education and give more to other charitable organizations and our church.

Oh, and there would also be quite a few Pinterest pins that come to exist in my reality for once!

When I win the lottery, all my pin boards become reality. Everything will be delicious, covered in glitter, made out of pallets, and look effing amazing. | Confession Ecard

Honestly, who knows what would happen. We can dream about it all we want, but I have no idea what would actually happen if that money appeared in my hands. What I do know is that I like my simple (non-Real Housewives style) life and I wouldn't want to become a different person because we happened to come into money. I hope I would stay grounded and do something positive with our good fortune. All I can do is guess and pray that if it ever would happen that I would hold strong to my beliefs and values and not change.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


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