Embracing the season

Part of my fall bucket list (check it out here) was to add some fall touches to our house. And that I did. This is a big jump from last year when I did, um, nothing. 

Outside decor was simple, we carved pumpkins and set them out by our sidewalk. I made a sugar skull and Nate chose a minion (both free-handed by the way). Remi decided to just look cute while we did our thing. I think they turned out pretty darn well!

Inside I added some little touches to the rooms people see - guest bathroom, kitchen and living room. Flowers spruced up the shelves of the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the mantle in the living room. I added an arrangement of flowers to the big vase that sits on our kitchen table as well and switched out our regular hand towels for some fall themed ones. In addition to the flowers on the mantle I added a fun burlap garland that took me probably five minutes to make (should I do a tutorial for this fun, easy garland? Let me know in the comments). My plan for this garland goes beyond the fall season though. By adding a few extra touches I will spruce it up for Thanksgiving and then deck it out for Christmas.

To pull it all together I switched out all our candles and wax melts for yummy fall themed ones and the house is just a really warm and cozy feeling place now!

What did you do to decorate for fall? Do you have any double duty decorating pieces?

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