New things come as old things go...

I use the word month loosely in this instance since I haven't done a real haul (or empties) since like July. That being said, let's just dive right in shall we?

First up the empties, since the new stuff is more fun and there is more of it...


Helen of Troy 1" Curling Iron  - technically not an empty, but it broke and needed to be replaced obviously (since I use it daily).

Now for the new stuff! All the Benefit products below came to me c/o Birchbox and Benefit as a part of a huge kit to share with my wing women.  The lashes were on sale as Halloween lashes, but really they were the same ones that I always get just with an different looking package. I got the duo lash glue because I wanted to see if using the dark version really helped - it did. The curling iron was a surprise from my hubs before our anniversary pictures, because he could tell I was moping about my other one dying and I needed it for my hair (can't do something new in such big pictures).

This mascara is my all time fave. I have yet to find anything I like better.

Still need to try this out! If you have any tips or tricks let me know.

I used this a couple of times and wasn't convinced that it was worth the hype. More trial to come...

I like this as a lip stain, but I am not a big cheek stain person so on my lips it will stay!

in light/medium and medium deep
Again, this is a product I need to test out still.

I used to use this bronzer all the time in college, but stopped when I thought it was breaking me out. Now I use it almost every day with no problems. The brush is perfect for contouring and the shade is just right for me.

Seriously, this is a game changer. No more worrying about covering up lash glue!

Eek! I love this blush. The colors are all gorgeous and the color payoff is great.

My fave lashes!

Another good set that I keep stocked up.

Seriously, I couldn't go on without this curling iron. 

I swear by this stuff. The amount that I am teasing my hair has cut in half since I started using this. It doesn't make my hair greasy either so it is a win!

A great dry shampoo, can't live without it.

I use this as my conditioner every other wash to keep from weighing my hair down. It is perfect.

This hairspray has some serious hold. Definitely my go to finishing spray.

I take this with me for travel/work. It holds well and is just the right size.

I love me a good salt spray and this one is one of my favorites for sure and is great to take on trips.

Again, perfect for traveling when I don't want to lug my big bottle of Kenra Blow Dry Spray with me.

Perfect for my gym bag.

On the list to try, week long trial results to come!

Need to try this still. I am always willing to try a new mascara and I am looking for a good drugstore brand. Will this be the new winner?

I love me some lipstick, like every color. I haven't tried this yet but my initial swatch of it made me smile.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner*
This sounds like the perfect product, I will let you know once I try it out.

I have been thinking about hot chocolate for a while now and I am so glad this got sent to me so I can finally have some!

I used to use a mask once a week, but somehow lost that habit. I am excited to try this new line of products and see if this hair mask can get me back on the bandwagon and take a step toward healthier hair again.

resource Natural Spring Water*
Again, another perfect gym bag addition!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

I have heard so much about this stuff lately and I must say my first impression of it was pretty good. Kept the shine away and my face looking fresh. Can't wait to try it again and give you all a full review!

Kat Von D Ink Liner
Every now and then I just want to try something new. I love my Stila eyeliner, but saw this Kat Von D version and thought I should give it a shot.

Makeup Forever HD Powder
I have said it before but, I am still in search of a good setting powder. This is the next one I am trying, we will see how it goes!

This is a regular buy for me. I use it every other day at least to keep my skin looking healthy and give me a little color.

During the fall and winter months my skin gets really dry, but still gets oily in my t-zone. I was skeptical about buying this at first, but after using it a few times I haven't noticed my face breaking out or getting any more oily (actually it has been the opposite) and it has done a really great job of getting rid of all the makeup on my face each night.

Francesca's Skirt
I got this skirt c/o Francesca's and you will soon be seeing it in a post with out anniversary pictures. I love the fit and print of it. Super cute!

I had been looking everywhere for a fur vest that wouldn't break the bank. Thank heavens for Marshall's! When I found this I about started dancing in the middle of the store. I couldn't find it on Marshall's site obviously, but I did find it on TJ Maxx's.

Well that is it. All the new stuff in my life as of late. I can't wait to try it all and let you know what I liked and didn't like. If you have tried any of these products and had a good or bad experience, or have figured out any good tips for applying a product let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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