Friendsgiving Party Planning

First things first I'm the realest, invitations! I am a firm believer that physical, paper invitations are always appropriate, however for this I wanted to keep it informal and fun so I did it all via Facebook. Nate was shaking his head at me the entire time because I was spending so much time on the design, but I can't help it. I like things to look pretty, even if it is a Facebook invite. 

Next step is figuring out my plan, and lets be real I am a real over achiever when it comes to planning a party. I tend to overdo it, so on my list now is the following:
1. Drinks
2. Food
3. Decor
4. Entertainment

Thank goodness for Pinterest!

As much help as Pinterest has is, I still need entertainment ideas. Any and all ideas are welcome, just leave me a comment below! I have just over a week to get everything ready, wish me luck!

Make sure to check back tomorrow, there is a fun giveaway coming up.

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